I Need A Pretty Little Liars Refresher, Don’t You?

My absolute favorite guilty pleasure show, Pretty Little Liars is back tonight for the second half of its fourth season. If you’re stuck indoors hiding from the apparent reign of terror being unleashed by Queen Elsa from Frozen, I recommend firing up the Netflix and binge watching.  It will be a completely unproductive yet enjoyable use of your day.  Bonus points if you’re getting paid to telework at the same time. Hey, I won’t tell if you won’t.

Source: vougueweekend on Tumblr

The only problem with Pretty Little Liars is that there are so many twists and turns (because – spoiler alert – everyone’s a liar) it’s hard to remember everything – especially after a summer hiatus. I know I need a refresher and I’m sure you do as well, so here’s a quick rundown on where we left off with the PLL characters.  Consider this your official spoiler alert, so don’t read on if you don’t want to know.

Source: Alloy Entertainment
Source: Alloy Entertainment

Alison: is not very dead at all. It was revealed at the end of the Halloween special that she is alive – and very much afraid. Of what? Or should I say who? It’s still a mystery. But that creepy old lady has been helping to protect her and even admitted to our little liars that she pulled her from the grave and helped her hide.  I doubt Ali will appear and just start explaining things (wouldn’t that be boring, though?) but the girls did find her scrapbook, which contained some juicy info on the mysterious “Board Shorts” guy – an older man Ali was involved with right before she disappeared.

Ezra: is totally A – and I think he really is, unlike the Toby fakeout a couple of seasons ago. We’re not sure of his motives yet, but we know he’s been paying his minions to torment poor Aria and her friends for a long time.  Oh, and that kid who was his kid is not really his kid. That was pretty messed up, actually.

Aria: is totally in love with A and has no idea – but that guy Jake seems pretty into her as well. Perhaps he’ll come to her rescue? I don’t remember anything else about Aria…her character is pretty boring, now that I think of it. I am guessing that’s gonna change.

Spencer: spent most of last season living in Crazytown, but now that Toby’s been vindicated and everything is out in the open, she seems to have her head back in the game – which is good, because she’s got Wren and her sister to deal with.

Hanna: is probably headed for a broken heart (and so am I) since Caleb skipped town for his own spin-off, Ravenswood.  Not only is the best male character on the show leaving, but Ravenswood kind of sucks. Lame.

Emily: will likely have a no good, very bad season. Things aren’t working out with college or her girlfriend Paige, some psycho drove a car through her house and now Alison is alive. Something tells me that Emily will have the hardest time with Ali’s return, since she harbored some not-just-friendly feelings for her back in the day.

Source: Alloy Entertainment

Toby: wants to know how his mother really died, because it doesn’t seem like suicide was it. Unfortunately for him, his best source of info is an old man with dementia, so good luck with that.

Mona: has been tormented by A for a while now…or has she? We’re not sure if it’s all a game she’s playing on the little liars, or if she has no idea that her former English teacher is calling the shots.  Oh, and there’s also the matter of the creepy Mona doll delivered in a coffin. Yikes.

Source: Alloy Entertainment
Source: Alloy Entertainment

CeCe: probably didn’t die when she fell last season in the sawmill. In fact, she’s probably running around in her red coat, pretending to be Ali right now. But why?

Some looming questions: Who the heck killed Wilden? And Garrett, for that matter? How is Toby’s mom connected to Alison? What is Wren’s deal, really, and why is he back together with Melissa? What will happen now that both Ali and Mrs. DiLaurentis are both back in Rosewood? Is there any solid link between Ali and Ravenswood, or was it just a loose thread used to introduce their crappy spin-off show? And seriously, who killed Wilden?

Feel free to theorize in the comments!

2 thoughts

  1. I can’t figure out why Ezra would be A for the life of me, and yet also I do not care. I have always found Aria/Ezra to be unbelievably boring. As for Ravenswood, I refuse to watch it and am thisclose to quitting PLL to protest Caleb’s absense. I like him more than anyone besides possibly Spencer and Hanna. I think what I am doing could probably be described as hatewatching, at this point. /o\


    1. I watched the pilot of Ravenswood and was not impressed. I do love Caleb, though, and I’m so sad he’s gone. I can’t figure out why Ezra is A either. If it’s just a thing about how he dated Alison or something, it’s going to be a letdown since that’s pretty boring. I still like the show, though.


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