Vanderpump Rules: Just A Bad College Flashback

Source: Bravo TV
Source: Bravo TV

Are you looking to relive all those wild college parties, where the alcohol flowed nonstop and no one noticed how low your tolerance level was, because they were even more wasted than you? Where by the end of the night, everything has gone from being really-loud-blurry-fun-spinny to really-loud-upsetting-blair-witch-project-spinny? And you’re not sure how it happened, but someone is bleeding from their head and someone else is throwing up right next to you and all the girls looked really hot two hours ago, but now their makeup is running down their faces and their hair is frizzing? And your best friend is sitting on the cement in a miniskirt crying because her boyfriend said something to her and nobody understands how mean he is, and you are pretty sure you stepped in something back there, but you’re afraid to look? Well, you should be watching Vanderpump Rules, because that is literally every episode.

In last night’s episode, the gang from Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR made their way down to Cabo because Bravo paid for it to celebrate Stassi’s birthday and it was even more of a sh*t show than usual. Katie and Tom – the other Tom who doesn’t wear self-tanner – got into a huge, messy fight because he bought a drink for Scheana when he was supposed to be Mean Girl-ing her or something. I think that was why? It’s hard to follow tequila logic when you’re sober. After lots of screaming and crying, Tom got the last word by dumping his drink on Katie’s head. Can you believe that? And when she’s been “so judicious about her drinking” and everything.

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