Project Runway All Stars Gets It Wrong

Source: Lifetime TV
Source: Lifetime TV

Throughout its first two seasons, I was pretty happy with Project Runway All Stars – I am okay with any series that could finally vindicate the brilliant Mondo Guerra – but in last night’s finale third season finale, they got it all wrong. Wrongitty wrong, wrong. Consider this your spoiler warning, kids.

First of all, let’s talk about the challenge: our three finalists, Seth Aaron Henderson (winner, Season 7), Korto Momolu (runner-up, Season 5 ) and Elena Slivnyak (contestant, Season 10) were told to make a collection inspired by their country of origin. This was probably easier for Korto and Elena, who were born in Liberia and Ukraine, respectively. Maybe a bit more challenging for Seth Aaron, who had never even been to Spain. But okay, sure. Fine. I think it’s a great idea to be inspired by your country of origin, and visiting the United Nations was a nice touch. But being constrained in your final collection is just not cool.  What if they had another vision entirely? Too bad, I guess!

Then each designer was forced to incorporate a printed scarf into a surprise sixth look. So, again, I guess tough luck if the provided scarves don’t fit with your collection or overall vision. Elena in particular, who doesn’t like working with prints, had a meltdown over this. Sure, she has a meltdown every five minutes, but I have to agree that it’s a little unfair to force a new fabric into a cohesive set of looks.

The final collections were, in my opinion, all pretty strong, but I felt that Korto was the clear winner. Her collection was inspired, beautifully tailored and the most wearable. Not to mention that I’ve been rooting for Korto all season – remember when she lost to a completely blah set of blue and white petals? Yeah, I do. Ugh. But in the end, they awarded first place to Seth Aaron (again) and Korto was runner-up (AGAIN!). Is it even fair to give a previous winner the grand prize? Debatable. You can check out both of their collections below and judge for yourself. Did Seth Aaron deserve the win or was Korto robbed for the second time?  I think you know how I feel.


Seth Aaron’s collection:

Source: lifetimetv,com
Source: Lifetime TV

Korto’s collection:


Source: Lifetime TV

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