Marnie On Girls Is The Most Embarrassing Person On TV

marnie-girls-what-i-amYou guys. YOU GUYS. Did you see last night’s episode of Girls? Did you see Marnie’s horrifying, spectacular, completely 100% humiliating music video to Edie Brickell’s “What I Am”?

Oh. My. God.

This is one of those videos where you want to cover your eyes, but you can’t look away. Marnie is a car wreck. A sad, embarrassing car wreck.  I don’t know what my favorite part of the video is – okay, I lied, it’s definitely the wink at the beginning – but there are so many moments that just make you cringe. Why did she let Charlie make this monstrosity? Did she think she’d become famous? Did she think he’d propel her to stardom? You have to be pretty misguided to think that pigtails and autotune are the way to go.

Marnie has been a pretty big embarrassment for a long time now (You remember her relationship with Booth Jonathan, right? Ugh) but last night’s episode really drove home just how pathetic she’s become. That Rent song? Oh man, that was painful. But not as painful as this…

3 thoughts

  1. Marnie suffered enough in season 2. I thought they would bring her back up in this new season but they haven’t done that yet. If anything it has gotten way worse and she is painful to watch. Bring back Charlie for the eye candy.


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