Has Spencer Figured Out EzrA’s Secret On Pretty Little Liars?

Last night on Pretty Little Liars, Spencer went all secret spy decoder on us and worked tirelessly to uncover the mysteries hidden in Ali’s diary. Because she doesn’t have the actual book to work with anymore (A stole it,so Spencer’s working off of cell phone pics) and it’s hard to read in the first place (Alison writes like an eight-year-old with a Lisa Frank fetish) it’s not easy. In fact, it’s so tough that she needs a few extra “study aides” in the form of what I assume is Adderall or some other form of ADD medication to get her through it. Thankfully, the extra effort pays off. If you haven’t seen last night’s episode yet, here’s your official spoiler warning.

Source: Rickey.org
Source: Rickey.org

One particular entry in Ali’s diary, entitled “Love and Death” (creepy) told us that Alison used to meet up with an older guy on non-date dates at a pub named the Hart and the Huntsman, which just happens to be a local hangout for Hollis students. There, they’d discuss her writing (she was a writer?) and make out a little over boysenberry pie and beer. Sounds gross for multiple reasons. Spencer decides to check out the Hart and the Huntsman herself and runs smack into Ezra, chowing down on – you guessed it – boysenberry pie.  He gets skittish and runs, but the waitress still delivers his beer for Spencer to enjoy. And, just in case you missed all of those anvils, here’s another one:

Source: prettylittlesecrethints on Tumblr
Source: prettylittlesecrethints on Tumblr

Yep, Ezra is not only A, but he’s Board Shorts as well! It looks like Alison got herself messed up with a definite psycho stalker back in the summer before she disappeared – and it looks like Ezra really has a thing for dating teenagers. And boysenberry pie.  God, he is super gross on so many levels.

So, what do you think? Will Spencer tell Aria and the others about her suspicions? She can’t hold this in for too long…but will anyone believe her?  Are we going to get a Spencer-is-addicted-to-speed plotline? What do you make of the new “cool” guidance counselor who seems to think it’s totally kosher for former psychopaths to date each other? Were you as excited by the Tippi the Bird cameo as I was? Discuss in the comments!

Source: prettylittlesecrethints on Tumblr

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