Is Miami Housewife Joanna Krupa Defecting To Beverly Hills?

Source: Gretchen Rossi Instagram
Source: Gretchen Rossi Instagram

Arguably the only interesting cast member of the Real Housewives of Miami, Joanna Krupa, might be looking to move her housewife status to the West Coast.  According to TMZ, Joanna believes that the Miami portion of the Real Housewives franchise is a “sinking ship” and she wants to bail while she can – meaning, I suppose, while she’s still relevant on reality TV.  Despite some new casting and a serious production makeover, the ratings for the third season of RHOM were disappointing.  There are rumors that it might not even return for a fourth season – but Joanna is not ready to lose her spotlight.

We know her as the Polish American model, animal rights advocate, Joe Francis hater and semi-psychotic ugly drunk – but many don’t know that she actually has a home in Beverly Hills and spends the majority of her time in California. Only her husband, club owner Romaine Zago, keeps her in Miami because that’s where he has his business. But Joanna seems to prefer California and has been cozying up to RHOBH and RHOC cast members more and more.  You can see her above, partying before the Grammys with OC’s Gretchen Rossi and Beverly Hills’ Kyle Richards and Jacqueline Joyce “Hoysay” Giraud.

What do you think – would Joanna fit in on RHOBH? Is it time for the Real Housewives of Miami to throw in the beach towel?

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