Juan Pablo To Bachelor Contestant: Happy Birthday, Go Home

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

Last night on The Bachelor, Juan Pablo had eight women left to choose from on his journey toward love or whatever. After last week’s debacle with Clare, I didn’t think he could do anything more to seem like an insensitive ass. But oh, Juan Pablo is full of sopresas.

On her twenty-second birthday (and boy is she young!) single mother and former NBA dancer Cassandra Ferguson joined Juan Pablo and the other girls on a dreamy group date in New Zealand. She won major points with me for her Gollum impression, calling the coveted rose “my precious,” but I guess Juan Pablo isn’t a Lord of the Rings fan, because he sent her packing right then and there.

Happy Birthday Cassandra! As she cried in the limo on her way back home, Juan Pablo explained that, since he knew they didn’t have a future together, he didn’t want to keep her from her son for one more second. Being singled out for instant humiliation was truly the kindest thing he could do for her.

In his defense, he swears he had no idea it was her birthday.

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