WTF Was Up With That Noir Episode Of Pretty Little Liars?


I have a confession to make: I hate theme episodes.  When a television show breaks the traditional narrative to carry out some sort of gimmick, I become frustrated. I think this is ultimately why I never liked Community as a show (I know, I know, but don’t get me started). I get very annoyed when an episode does nothing to further the plot in some way. That’s why this week’s black and white noir-themed episode of Pretty Little Liars didn’t work for me.  Yes, it was a great episode…I just didn’t like it.  It didn’t do enough for me – not when there are so many questions left to be answered.

Carried out as a drug-induced dream sequence of Spencer’s, the show took us through an old-school 1940s crime drama. I have to admit, the episode was beautiful.  The costumes, the lighting, everything was perfect. It was visually gorgeous – and of course, the four liars looked more beautiful than ever. But what really happened? It was difficult to tell what was real and what occurred in Spencer’s hallucination. But the following things are for sure:

 1. Spencer, Hanna and Emily did some snooping in Ezra’s classroom and found Alison’s stolen diary. Everything seemed a little too simple until Spencer discovered that tiny pieces of information had been altered. Turns out Ezra left the diary to be found after changing some damning details. Luckily, Spencer has those cell phone pics of the original writing.

2. Mona and Ezra are up to…something. Maybe. It’s not clear if they’re in cahoots (I love the word cahoots, don’t you?) or if Mona suspects Ezra all on her own. But it’s definitely something going on.

3. Aria’s secret is not-so-secret anymore. Her three friends show up at her house just in time to see her with Ezra. Oops.

By the looks of next week’s preview, Spencer, Hanna and Emily don’t waste much time. A very teary Aria is in our future.  Her little crying face as she yells at Ezra kind of breaks my heart. I hope she finds out the truth soon and starts to move on – in the year 2014.

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