Ravenswood Is Cancelled…Can We Start The Campaign Now? #BringBackCaleb

Bad news for Ravenswood fans…wait, are there any Ravenswood fans? I don’t even know. But hey, bad news if there are – ABC Family has cancelled the show after only one season.

The show premiered last year and cruelly stole Tyler Blackburn’s character Caleb Rivers from Pretty Little Liars, thus breaking up Haleb, AKA The Best Couple on the Show. I tried to watch the pilot, since they shoved it pretty hard down our throats, but I quickly lost interest. It had like, dead people who weren’t dead? I don’t actually know. The point is, it’s cancelled. So, the obvious question now is…can we bring Caleb back to Rosewood?

Because really…

I mean really…

No, really

Let’s get on this, people. #BringBackCaleb

GIFs courtesy of hannarivers and halebconfessions on Tumblr

9 thoughts

  1. I liked it. I also enjoyed seeing Tyler as a lead. I’m sure he’ll go back to Pretty Little Liars where his character will continue to be an afterthought.


      1. Even though I liked Ravenswood I think they did make a mistake with Caleb being the one to leave Rosewood. They should have gone with Jason or just had the shows simply connected because the towns were so close together. I think it would have had a better shot since I’m sure people refused to watch or like it because of Tyler leaving Pretty Little Liars. I’m an oddball because I check out a show if I like someone on it and or it looks good. And I happen to like Caleb and Hanna as a couple.


      2. I really doubt many people think the way I do. I like couples but I don’t get so attached that I refuse to watch if a certain couple I love isn’t together anymore. Fingers crossed that we’ll see Caleb more but I’m not holding my breath. I just wonder how they’ll explain him being gone. I guess they wouldn’t need to since they really don’t do much explaining with the others girls boyfriends and girlfriend.


      3. No, I’m the same way. I don’t get so attached to a pairing that I boycott a show. I don’t think I’ve ever done that, anyway…hmm.

        Paige disappears all the time and comes back, so I’m sure they will make it work.


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