NBC Is Bringing Back Heroes For Some Reason. Um, Guys, Can We Not?

Source: Entertainment Weekly
Source: Entertainment Weekly

Okay, here’s the thing: television reboots are almost never good. Remember when they thought bringing back Melrose Place and 90210 was a good idea? Spoiler alert: it wasn’t.  Sure, if you look back, you can find some exceptions to the rule. Obvious examples are Star Trek: The Next GenerationThe Office or Battlestar Galactica. But did we really need another Dallas? Or how about the very short-lived remakes of Cupid or Knight Rider? Remember those? Yikes.

A couple of months ago, FOX announced that it would be bringing back 24 for a limited engagement (called 24: Live Another Day) complete with Kiefer Sutherland to reprise his iconic role as Jack Bauer. Now, okay, that could be kind of cool.  It was a great show with a huge following and a male lead that’s up to the task. They’re moving the show to London to keep it fresh, but maintaining enough of the original series to keep us interested.

Source: totalfilm.com
Source: totalfilm.com

But now, oh dear. NBC announced yesterday that they are bringing back, of all things, Heroes. Why? No, for real. Why!?

If you remember back in 2006, Heroes started strong. Really strong. I loved it, to be honest. It was back when the idea of superheroes on TV was still fresh and it had an ensemble cast that told strong, intriguing stories. It catapulted the careers of Hayden Panettiere and Zach Quinto, just to name a few. Then it started jumping timelines. Everyone died, but then everyone was able to come back to life because of the multiple timelines. It became irrelevant to invest in characters, because they had like three different versions of themselves going at once.  It got confusing. No one ever really figured out why we had to save the cheerleader, but we knew it was important. Right? I don’t remember. There was an armageddon coming, but they took like eight weeks to talk about it – and still never gave us any real answers, other than the fact that Jess from Gilmore Girls kept having visions. Instead of developing the characters we already cared about, the show introduced ten new ones – and then did little to develop them as well. The show’s ratings sank. Like, it tanked, barely making it to a third season before it was cancelled for good.

So, obviously, this is the show to bring back. Um.

Source: fanpop.com
Source: fanpop.com

Heroes will return as a miniseries in 2015 with original creator Tim Kring on board.  It will introduce new heroes, though it may bring back some old stars for guest appearances. Basically, it seems like it will have very little to do with the original ensemble. Maybe the story will be different? Maybe this is just a pathetic attempt on the part of NBC to jump on the Avengers/X-men bandwagon, now that it’s more popular than ever? “Hey, we had a show once about heroes! Why don’t we just throw that back up and see if it sticks this time?”


You can watch a 15-second trailer for Heroes: Reborn below, but don’t expect it to tell you anything at all. Hey, there’s a promotional hashtag, though. I guess that’s exciting.

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