The Voice Is Back! My Thoughts On The Best Performances From Last Night’s Blind Auditions

Source: NBC
Source: NBC

Last night, The Voice blind auditions began, with Usher and Shakira back as the glue to hold the Adam/Blake sandwich together. Or something. That metaphor made no sense. But hey, The Voice is back! What did you think? Did you spend the entire time crying because you’ll never see CeeLo turn around in that red chair again? Who was your favorite audition? Are you sick of Adam trying to imitate Shakira’s accent yet?

The show kicked off with a weird medley of the judges singing each other’s songs. Blake started the show with a cover of Shakira’s “Whenever, Wherever” and I was so mad that he didn’t sing the line about how his breasts are small and humble like mountains. What a wasted opportunity.

Despite that, there were some great standout performances. Here are some of my faves:

1. Christina Grimmie

She chose Team Adam and sang horrible ear worm “Wrecking Ball” but she has a killer set of pipes.

2. Biff Gore

This guy does Sam Cooke (legendary) and didn’t screw it up (almost impossible). He chose Team Usher.

3. Dawn and Hawkes

ADORABLE. WONDERFUL. They are filled with rainbows and puppies and little fluffy bunny/unicorn hybrids. Plus, they sang my BFF’s favorite Beatles song ever, so they get bonus points. They are on Team Adam.

4. Jeremy Briggs

Bad Company kicks ass. Jeremy kicks ass. ‘Nuff said. He turned down Blake to join Team Shakira. Awesome.

5. Bria Kelly

I mean…well okay, then. This chick reminds me of last season’s runner-up Jacquie Lee. She’s 17 with the voice of Xtina and Aretha Franklin’s secret love child. She’s going to be in this competition for a long time. Mark it. After a four-chair battle, she chose Team Usher.

Are you excited The Voice is back, or are you over it? What were your standout performances?

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