Was It Just Me Or Was The Bachelor A Total Snore?

This is me watching The Bachelor hometown dates last night:

Source: realitytvgifs on Tumblr
Source: meangirlgifs on Tumblr

Andi’s father was mean. Clare’s 800 sisters were both mean and nice (and she looks nothing like any of them, right??). Nikki’s family was…there. Renee’s son played baseball. No one had the guts to say “I love you,” I guess. Then Renee went home. It wasn’t terribly surprising when it was down to Andi or Renee – after the endless promos for the next episode where Andi is seen crying, we could pretty much figure out she’d get a rose. Oh well. Hopefully tonight is more entertaining. What do you think Juan Pablo does in (or after?) the fantasy suite that gets everyone so upset? Do you think it’ll come out that he’s already slept with Clare?  I’m taking bets.

Source: Buddy TV
Source: Buddy TV

Bye, Renee!

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