The Second Night Of The Voice Blind Auditions Was Kind Of Blah, Am I Right?

Source: NBC
Source: NBC

I am going to be honest: I wasn’t really blown away by any of the contestants on last night’s The Voice and found myself getting a little bored. It’s not that anyone was bad, just that they weren’t as impressive as night one of the blind auditions. Thankfully, toward the end of the show, we got a real game changing performance. Young 16-year-old Deja Hall blew me away with her cover of Cyndi Lauper’s classic “True Colors” and I wasn’t the only one – Shakira, Blake and Usher (in the last second) all turned their chairs. Adam was like, oh I wanted you to hit this one note, let me show you how. He’s getting to come across just as arrogant as Xtina, isn’t he? Too bad he doesn’t have the voice for that kind of snobbery. Anyway, Deja chose Shakira as her coach. You can watch her performance below. Did I mention that she is only sixteen? WHAAAT.

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