Oscar Talk: Let’s Discuss The Awards That We Really Care About (I Made Them Up)

Tonight is the most anticipated Oscar night in a long time – and not just because Idina Menzel is scheduled to perform “Let It Go” from Frozen.  The races for Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Picture are tighter than ever and 2013 was full of so many good films and strong performances, it’s actually going to be interesting to see who wins for once. I’ve already written about my own picks and predictions, in case you’re curious. But the Oscars isn’t called Hollywood’s Biggest Night for nothing – there is so much more to it than the Academy Awards themselves. Tomorrow, we’ll all be talking about the winners and the losers, sure, but we’ll also be talking about what happened in between opening those envelopes.  Let’s explore some of my predictions for tonight’s other winners…the ones everyone will really want to talk about tomorrow morning.

Best Dressed: Lupita Nyong’o

Source: MTV Style (click for full size)
Source: MTV Style (click for full size)

I don’t think it will be surprising to anyone when Lupita shows up tonight in a gorgeous, colorful gown and blows everyone away with how absolutely stunning she looks.

Worst Dressed: Sally Hawkins

Source: GoFugYourself
Source: GoFugYourself

Sally Hawkins is nominated for her great supporting performance in Blue Jasmine, but she definitely didn’t pick up any fashion tips from Cate Blanchett along the way.

Prettiest Hair: Jared Leto

Source: Mashable
Source: Mashable

Ladies pay a lot of money for a shiny, golden ombre like that.

Biggest Phony Smile When They Lose: Leonardo DiCaprio

Source: mishasminions on Tumblr
Source: mishasminions on Tumblr

Sorry buddy, it’s going to happen again.

Most Likely To Make Us Laugh During Their Acceptance Speech: Matthew McConaughey

Source: Yahoo

If he doesn’t say this again, it will be kind of disappointing.

Most Likely To Make Us Cry During Their Acceptance Speech: Lupita Nyong’o 

Source: gifthetv on Tumblr

She’s been doing it all season.

Most Likely To Drop an F-Bomb On Stage: Sandra Bullock

Source: Popsugar

It’s kind of her thing.

Most Likely To Be Wasted: Emma Thompson

Source: Huffington Post UK

This is…also kind of her thing.

Cutest Couple: Andrew Garfield And Emma Stone

Source: Just Jared
Source: Just Jared

The are adorkable.

Couple You’d Most Want To Take Home (Together Or Separate): Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves

Source: PopSugar
Source: Popsugar

I’m just sayin’.

Hottest Actor Over 60: Helen Mirren

Source: The Hollywood Reporter
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Damn, son. You could also call her the hottest over 50, over 40…

Hottest Actor Under 30: Michael B. Jordan

Source: hellyeahmichaelbjordan on Tumblr
Source: hellyeahmichaelbjordan on Tumblr

See also: Hottest Person Who Got Robbed Of A Nomination.

Do you agree with the awards? What are you looking forward to tonight?

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