The Bachelor: Women Tell All Special Told Us What We Already Knew – No One Likes Juan Pablo


Last night on The Bachelor: Women Tell All, everyone was keeping it real. Host Chris Harrison called Juan Pablo the “most controversial” Bachelor they’ve ever had, and he did little to hide the fact that “most controversial” really meant “most hated.” While Juan Pablo wasn’t exactly met with boos, it was clear that the former contestants and the audience had mixed feelings about him.

What were some of the ladies’ complaints?

1. He is rude and “too honest,” which was often hurtful.

2. He only talked about himself.

3. He didn’t seem very interested in the women, nor did he ever ask them questions or listen to what they had to say.

4. He used his daughter as an excuse for when he didn’t want to do something – a great example of this is refusing to kiss one contestant because he wanted to set a good example for Camila, then making out with Clare for like, 45 minutes.

5. He wasn’t genuine about how he felt, despite his claims of “just being honest” all the time.

6. He did not treat the women equally, despite his insistence on “being fair” to them.

7. All the women without children felt insulted because he favored Renee and Cassandra and called them his “special” ones.

8. He didn’t seem very into getting married and never talked about wanting a wife.

9. He was a jerk to Clare and failed to take responsibility for his actions with her.

10. He used his difficulties with the English language as an excuse for saying things that were rude or inappropriate.

Source: US Magazine
Source: US Magazine

Kelly also ripped Juan Pablo a new one for calling gay people “pervert” although I truly believe that situation was at least partially a problem with language. Also homophobia. Sharleen, who I actually think of as somewhat intelligent, said she’d discussed these issues with Juan Pablo off-camera and he’d expressed very open-minded beliefs. So I guess maybe he’s not a homophobe? But he’s definitely still a d-bag, Sharleen. You know it.

We only have two ladies left – Nikki and Clare – and everyone seemed equally split on who would take home the final rose. I think it’s going to be Clare – but more importantly, I am wondering who will be the next Bachelorette. Now that Renee is engaged, we know it won’t be her. I still maintain it won’t be Nikki, because no one likes Nikki. So is the next Bachelorette the tell-it-like-it-is lawyer Andi? We’ll have to wait and see.

3 thoughts

    1. Sharleen would definitely be interesting, but I don’t think she could handle it. She’s too logical and the whole concept of this show really requires you to be illogical to make it work.

      I’m also pretty sure it will be Andi.


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