Week Two Of Blind Auditions Doesn’t Do Much For The Voice

Source: NBC
Source: NBC

Oh, The Voice. You’re not really working for me this season. First of all, I’m just going to put it out there: I’m over the Blake and Adam Show. Can we just…not anymore? I get it. They bicker. Move on already. I enjoy Shakira and Usher, and I like the change-up, but I really think it’s time to let Blake and/or Adam go as well. After six seasons, their “comedy” routine is really stale. I’m also kind of confused by the amount of auditions they are fast-forwarding through. We’ll get like seven or eight full minutes of judges’ banter and then Carson Daly is like, “Here are three more people who made it, but you don’t get to see those auditions, LOL!” I just don’t understand. If they are good, why not show them?

Anyhow, week two of The Voice blind auditions wasn’t terribly impressive – but as always, there were a couple memorable performances.

I’m still not too sure what to think about Clarissa Sema. When she began her cover of “Zombie” by The Cranberries, I was like, oh lord. What a Dolores O’Riordan rip-off.  But then she picked it up a little and started singing with some originality and not like a pseudo-Irish karaoke show. It got better, but I wasn’t blown away. She got all four chairs to turn, though, so maybe I’m just being picky. After lots of fighting over her, Clarissa went with Team Shakira.

Another one I’m not so sure about is Sam Behymer. She came out with an original arrangement of Lorde’s “Royals,” and she has a very unique, interesting voice. But she does thing this I absolutely hate, which is mispronounce a bunch of words on purpose as a “stylistic” choice. I haaaaate that. She’s all, “It don’ rown in ow-er blooooey. That kinda lux jus’an for uy-ee. We cray-vee a dayfer kinda buoooeyz,” and the coaches are going wild.  It was a four chair turn for her as well and she chose Team Adam. I guess that works, since he’s also ridiculously pretentious.

The best performance of night three, hands down, was from Sisaundra Lewis. A former migrant worker, mother of three and back-up singer for Celine Dion, Sisaundra comes out and totally kills Aretha Franklin’s “Ain’t No Way.” Plus, her earrings are everything. All four coaches wanted her, but she went with Blake.

Night four of the blind auditions was a little more interesting. One of my favorite performances of the night was from Emily B., who chose to sing Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game.” That’s a really rough song to sing, but she nailed it. I think she’s going to go far, especially with Shakira as her coach.

Probably the top audition of the week came from Audra McLaughlin. Before I talk about her singing, though, I have to say that I rolled my eyes pretty hard at her “tough childhood.” In the grand scheme of things, having a learning disability and getting picked on in school is far from the world’s most difficult struggles.  Do we have to give everyone a sob story? I’m not saying that I don’t have any empathy for her. Getting picked on sucks. But her voice was amazing – we didn’t need the lame attempt for sympathy to root for her. I think I’m just getting tired of their need to make everyone seem like a charity case. Anyway, she did Bonnie Raitt and it kicked complete ass. After not turning his chair once all night, Adam fought hard for her, but he lost to Blake. Ha.

Next week is – ugh – more blind auditions. Fingers crossed for some stellar performances.

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