Did Mary’s Wedding On Reign Give You Happy Feels Or Sad Feels?

Source: EW
Source: EW

Spoiler alert: Mary married. I guess you could already tell that by my headline, but I will warn you from here on. If you haven’t watched the latest episode of Reign, you may want to stop reading unless you want to get really spoiled. Because I’m about to break this down.

Last night’s edited and yet still steamy episode of Reign sure took shippers on an emotional rollercoaster. Whether you are Team Francis or Team Bash (full disclaimer: I am Team Bash) you were probably on the edge of your seat by the end of the night. First, Mary’s mother Marie de Guise shows up. She’s been a pretty crappy, absent mother (and is technically in a lower station than her queen of a daughter) but that doesn’t stop her from trying to bully Mary out of marrying Bash.  She’s like, um I know I didn’t sell you off to France so you could marry a bastard. She’s kind of nasty, but then what did we expect? It’s not like we’ve seen any decent mothers on this show.

Mary reacts to this the same way anyone would – she knows she must immediately elope with Bash! (Yes!)  Bash is all, LET’S DO THIS.


+10 points Team Bash

Meanwhile, Francis and Lola (who have recently, ahem, gotten closer) both return to court. Francis wants to save his mother’s life, though God knows why. Catherine is the worst. He’s obviously still in love with Mary, but he brushes her off. Of course, all of that changes once Nostradamus has another one of his visions.  Up until this point, his visions have told him that Catherine’s first born will die because of Mary. I don’t actually remember them making this distinction between “first born” and “Francis” but honestly, that’s very far down on the list of ways Reign demonstrates a misunderstanding of timelines, so I’m not going to fuss. Maybe he did say it and I don’t remember. Regardless, since Clarissa is dead, Francis will live! He and Mary can be wed! Or something.

Source: why-we-are-talking on Tumblr

+ 20 points Team Francis

But – Mary is already on her way to elope with Sebastian. Oops!

+25 Team Bash

Obviously, he gets there in time and he explains to Mary that the prophecy was wrong. They CAN marry! Also, he and Bash punch each other a lot.

No points, both lose.

Mary cries and makes confused faces for a while. She doesn’t end up making a decision until she gets a surprisingly helpful push from Catherine. Weird right? After finally deciding who she wants to marry, she goes to see Bash. It…doesn’t go well.

-200 points Team Bash

Her visit to Francis afterward goes slightly better.

+ 500 Team Francis

So, I probably don’t have to tell you what happens next. Mary and Francis have a beautiful wedding. They are happy. Their parents are all happy. Catherine is pardoned and France and Scotland are united. All the Mary/Francis shippers celebrate! (Boo!)

+10,000 Team Francis

Sebastian decides to leave town because, duh. But his father has something to share with him before he goes. No, it’s not money or advice. It’s MARY AND FRANCIS DOING IT. Because that’s how King Henry rolls. He drags Bash into their wedding chambers and forces him to watch the consummation. It is the most awkward thing ever. Mary and Francis are having sex and all of their friends and family are watching. Lola is trying to act like she wasn’t just doing the same thing two days ago. 

-10 points Team Francis

Then Mary notices that Bash is watching.

And um. So does Francis.

And…yeah. Ouch. So much ouch.



Source: bouncykitty on Tumblr
Source: bouncykitty on Tumblr

-10,000,000 Team Bash

Definitely not a good ending for Mary and Bash shippers, ya know? Then again, if you’re a Frary fan, you not only got a wedding, but an unedited sex scene as well.

So, what did you think? Will you watch the director’s cut of the consummation or are you too busy crying over Bash?

GIFs courtesy of thereignofmary, may-she-reigndailyreigncwkinghudsonweareintoxicated and fyeahreign on Tumblr

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