Breaking News: Bachelor Juan Pablo Is Still The Worst, Defends Use Of R-Word (Seriously)


There are times when social media is a very helpful tool for marketing a celebrity, a television show or a TV personality. Then there are times when the ability to communicate to the entire world, uncensored, in a matter of seconds is a huge detriment to your image. What I mean is, The Bachelor star Juan Pablo could really benefit from a PR manager handling his social media accounts. Honestly, I don’t even think ABC should let him speak publicly anymore. He is just the absolute worst and every new thing that comes out of his mouth (orally or virtually) is even more terrible than the last.

On Thursday, Juan Pablo retweeted an, um, joke, which seems to be long, unfunny, mean and poking fun at mentally disabled individuals. Overall, it’s pretty ignorant and gross and I don’t even know why someone would think this is funny, let alone put it out on the Internet. Here’s the “joke” in it’s entirety:

Not every flower can save love, but a rose can. Not every plant survives thirst, but a cactus can. Not every r****d can read, but look at you go, little buddy! Today you should take a moment and send an encouraging message to a f*cked up friend, just as I’ve done. I don’t care if you lick windows, or interfere with farm animals. You hang in there cup cake, you’re f*king special to me, you’re my friend, look at you smiling at your phone! You crayon eating bastard you!

Juan Pablo not only RTd this, but replied, “JAJAJAJAJA LOVED IT…”  Of course he did. What a d*ck.

Both tweets have since been deleted, but Juan Pablo has no regrets! He took to Twitter to first blame his poor English skills on using the r-word, which okay, no. I lived in Miami for almost 20 years and now I live just an hour north in Fort Lauderdale. I went to college in Miami. I worked and lived very near to Juan Pablo himself. Same neighborhoods. I’ve known Latinos from all over the world, including lots of people from Venezuela. Everyone knows the r-word is offensive. Even if they use it, which people unfortunately do, they know it’s wrong. So I don’t buy that for a minute.

But then, the jerk decides to tell us that we shouldn’t be offended – we just need to learn about other cultures! See, we are not cultured, and that’s why we think using the r-word is wrong. So, yes. To recap, if you are offended by jokes that use hurtful, ignorant slang and make fun of the mentally disabled, it’s because you haven’t traveled enough.  Cultural Studies 101 by Juan Pablo Galavis, folks.

Juan Pablo may or may not get engaged to a terribly unlucky woman on Monday’s Bachelor finale.

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