The Justin Bieber Deposition Videos Prove That He’s Been ‘Detrimental’ To His Career

Source: TMZ
Source: TMZ

Justin Bieber hasn’t really proven himself to be the most respectful dude out there, right? I mean, some of his recent behavior has been beyond out of control, even for the basic guy who’s too young with too much money.  But the 4.5 hour deposition videos – obtained and released by TMZ, natch – definitely show just how bratty he can be.  He’s such a little snot, isn’t he? I mean, there is no other way to say it. These videos, which deal with a lawsuit over Bieber’s bodyguard and a photographer, paint the picture of a spoiled, obnoxious little child.  Is this what happens to every young star, or is he just too smug for his own good?

Exhibit A: Justin is rude, disrespectful and combative with the lawyer’s questioning. He uses the camera to pop his collar. He’s sarcastic and argumentative. He winks at the camera.

Exhibit B: “Don’t ask me about her again.”  Then he gets up and leaves, reality TV style.

Exhibit C: Justin has perfected the teenage, exhausted, so-over-it dramatic sigh. Also: “I don’t know, Katie Couric. You tell me.”

Exhibit D: Justin decides to cuss out the court reporter because hey, why not?

Exhibit E: Justin implies that Usher didn’t discover him. He’s been “detrimental” to his own career (he means “instrumental” but…he’s kind of stupid).

Exhibit F: Then he takes a nap.

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