Shower That One Off? Choose The Appropriate Reaction GIF For The Bachelor Finale

The Bachelor finale was insane. After The Finale Rose? More insane. No, but seriously, Juan Pablo. WTF was that? Ugh.

I cannot even.

GIFs courtesy of realitytvgifs, and

2 thoughts

  1. I’m so glad this is over. Juan Pablo was painful to watch and I think Clare was the real winner of the night because Juan Pablo is no prize {although that conversation after the “offensive” comment on the helicopter was strange to watch, since he didn’t apologize or even acknowledge that he said anything wrong, yet Clare stayed}.

    I feel awful for Nikki. Clearly, Juan Pablo is in love…with himself. It was so embarrassing to watch her sit there, while he stubbornly insists he isn’t in love, even though Nikki has been announcing her love for him for months now. It was cringe-worthy.


    1. I was seriously surprised that Nikki accepted the final rose, especially when he told her, “I like you a lot.” How disrespectful and patronizing. I am embarrassed for her. Juan Pablo is definitely not a prize. I was cringing when she took him back after the helicopter comment, but was pretty proud of how she ended up. This entire season was an embarrassment.


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