Juan Pablo Is Mad Because The TV Show He Voluntarily Starred In About His Personal Life Gives Him “No Privacy”

Source: Juan Pablo Galavis YouTube
Source: Juan Pablo Galavis YouTube

On the one hand, I’m tired of talking about The Bachelor‘s most hated star, Juan Pablo Galavis. On the other hand, I am so continuously baffled at his behavior that I have to share. Predictably, after the limitless bad press and outraged backlash from his actions in the show’s finale, Juan Pablo is now expressing his dissatisfaction with The Bachelor franchise and how they treated him.   An insider from the show recently told Us Weekly, “Juan is so angry with the Bachelor production team…he’s had major tension with them since right when he got back from filming [four months ago]. Juan thought they gave him no privacy and wanted to know too much about his personal life and what he was doing all the time.”  Right because…he signed a contract to let them know about his personal life and what he was doing all the time? Um.

Juan Pablo has demonstrated his frustration since the finale this past Monday night like a true, grown adult – on Instagram.  He posted a photo with the caption, “We are FREE,” and tagged his girlfriend Nikki Ferrell. This was followed by an image of the words, “Throw me to the wolves and I’ll come back leading the pack,” because okay, sure. What pack is he leading right now, exactly? I’d love to know.

Source: Juan Pablo Galavis Instagram
Source: Juan Pablo Galavis Instagram

He also posted a video* dedicated to Nikki and ironically titled, “Adventures in Loving You,” which is basically a slideshow of personal photos because, you know, he wants to keep his personal life with Nikki to himself. Which he’s demonstrated. By uploading the video to YouTube. And including tons of personal selfies and screen captures of their FaceTime conversations. You know, for privacy.

Source: Juan Pablo Galavis YouTube
Source: Juan Pablo Galavis YouTube

Juan Pablo is definitely not the first reality star to blame the show for his unhappiness. Many cast members, from the Jersey Shore and The Hills to numerous Real Housewives, have pointed the finger at editors and producers.  Some call it “the villain edit” and others just claim they were misrepresented or used as a joke. Ultimately, it’s like, cry me a river. If you sign up for a reality TV show, you’re signing away your rights to fair representation.  You’re allowing your life to be filmed, sliced, diced and re-purposed any way the network may choose. You’re opening your doors, quite often literally, to camera crews and personal interviews. You’re giving the world a front row seat to your private life. Being angry about the result is not only silly, it’s downright moronic. Not to mention, um, you got paid. Bachelor/Bachelorette stars typically get paid in the six-figure range and often go on to get offers for appearances and endorsements.  Show alum Ali Fedotowsky is now an E! News correspondent and Jillian Harris (formerly an interior designer) went on to design for ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home EditionThat’s not to mention the ability to publicize your own personal business and the free trip around the world. So it’s not like ABC producers held Juan Pablo at gunpoint or something.  In fact, his dissatisfaction with the show likely has more to do with his lack of post-show perks. He’s not taking the usual press tour (Good Morning AmericaJimmy Kimmel Live) that Bachelor stars are typically guaranteed – and he wasn’t asked to be on Dancing with the Stars, something many recent contestants have enjoyed (along with another six-figure paycheck).

On the After the Final Rose special, Catherine Lowe, née Giudici (show alum and now-wife of the last Bachelor star Sean Lowe) told Juan Pablo not to “bite the hand that feeds him.” This was a phrase the Venezuelan was not familiar with, of course, but he didn’t seem to understand it even after Chris Harrison explained what it meant. But Catherine’s meaning was clear: dude, stop trashing the show that gave you so much. And while he may not be happy with the ending, that’s most likely his own fault. No one is going to feel bad for a guy who voluntarily goes on TV and then whines about lack of privacy – especially one as patently unlikable as Juan Pablo.

* I am not embedding the video here because, vomit.

3 thoughts

  1. I cannot understand the logic behind posting that YouTube video… if he wants privacy, then BE PRIVATE. Don’t sign up for a show like the Bachelor, and certainly, after declaring that you won’t talk about your relationship on television, don’t post a public video about your “private” relationship. It doesn’t make sense. Juan Pablo doesn’t make sense. Not to mention, the whole YouTube video is super cheesy–not to mention, unoriginal, considering he made a similar one for his ex.



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