14 Looming Questions For The Pretty Little Liars Season Finale

Source: ABC Family
Source: ABC Family

Tonight is the spring finale of Pretty Little Liars and, as usual, I have a million questions about what’s going on. Was it just me, or did this season seem particularly scattered? Like they are moving forward on a lot of things – bringing Ali officially back to life was a necessary step for the show and I’m glad they made it – but there are a lot of things happening that seem completely random.  Spencer’s drug addiction, for instance, came out of nowhere. She was so out of it that she did horrible things, things her family won’t say out loud, things she doesn’t even remember – but we’re only learning this now? Kind of lame. Plus, I’m still not 100% on what’s going on with Ezra – he’s not A, right? No, seriously, I don’t know the answer to that. I would appreciate any theories or answers in the comments! But that’s not the only question looming over tonight’s PLL finale…

1. Did Spencer really try and bash Ali’s skull in, on the night she disappeared? Was that a real memory or a drug-induced haze? And more importantly – did Mrs. DiLaurentis see it happen?

Source: darkcrownbitches on Tumblr

2. Ali may not have been murdered, but she was buried, right? Who buried her? Remember how the creepy old lady from Ravenswood – Mrs. Grunswald – said she’d pulled her out of the ground after someone buried Ali alive? Who did that? Was it Spencer? She did have a shovel…

3. But even more of a mystery: whose bones are in Ali’s tomb? And how did some of them wind up in the belt of Spencer’s dress at the bridal event?

Source: ABC Family
Source: ABC Family

4. Was it because…Mrs. Dilaurentis is A? Ezra seems to think so, and so does Spencer. But hey, they’re both total wackadoo crazy, so who knows.

5. Will Caleb come back from Ravenswood?

6. Will Paige and Emily get back together? No wait, I don’t care about that.

Source: youknowyoulovefashion.com
Source: youknowyoulovefashion.com

7. Why is Toby in England? What a jerk, sending a letter, right?

8. Is Mrs. DiLaurentis buying clothes for Ali because she knows Ali is alive, or because she’s the Mayor of Crazytown?

9. No really, will Caleb come back?

10. Will Sasha still try and help Alison, even though some one totally tried to kill her? Also, who did that? Mrs. D?

11. Remember the woman at Wilden’s funeral who was dressed in a black veil? She was later seen wearing a burned Ali mask. Yeah I didn’t forget about her.  BRING HER BACK.

Source: pretty-little-liars.wikia.com
Source: pretty-little-liars.wikia.com

12.  Why did Jason lie about being in rehab and where was he really? Why is he back now?

13. So, all this time we thought Ali was terrified of Board Shorts – who we know now as Ezra – but is it really that she’s afraid of her mother?


Source: ariellekebbel on Tumblr

Showrunner Marlene King has promised an intense finale with lots of answers.  They are going back to that very first night, when all five girls slept in the barn and Alison disappeared.  I can’t wait to see what happens.

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