Stupid News Of The Day: The Walking Dead Will Air Family-Friendly Episodes On Broadcast TV


Apparently, FOX has just signed a deal to start airing edited-for-television episodes of AMC’s hit series The Walking Dead. The show will air on syndication channel MyNetworkTV, which reaches 97 percent of the country. That means it has the potential to disappoint millions of people! I mean, seriously. Have you ever seen The Walking Dead? It’s almost entirely blood, guts and gore. If they edit it down to meet a TV-14 rating, it’s going to be so. Damn. Boring.

Let’s be honest. The Walking Dead is great, but it’s slow moving. The story itself is not fast-paced – that’s why the zombie fight scenes are helpful. They break up the monotony. I mean, what the heck are they going to do with the season they were stuck in the farm house? Once you cut out all the violence, it’s just going to be people looking for Carl. Is Carl in the house? Where is Carl? CAAAAA-AAARL.


2 thoughts

  1. This is so weird! I guess the show is so popular that AMC wants more people to be able to watch it, but isn’t that like removing sex from adult shows so kids can watch it? There is really no point, because it’s an adult show. HENCE, ADULTS WILL WATCH IT. And what you said about the need for blood, guts, and gore from zombie chases because the show itself is so slow is such a good point! I don’t understand how this is going to work out…


    1. It’s like when they started syndicating Sex and the City. I didn’t understand that, either. What audience are they trying to cater to? If you want to watch a show about sex, it should have sex. If you want to watch a show about zombies, it needs blood. It’s just bizarre.


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