So…That Pretty Little Liars Finale: Holy @#$%&!


I went into the Pretty Little Liars spring finale with a lot of questions, but this episode did not disappoint. Of course, it also left me with a bunch  of new questions, but that’s the nature of the show, right? I mean, everyone is a liar and every story has a twist. It would be pretty boring if the show was called Pretty Little Straightforward Fact-Telling. But anyway. That finale, am I right? I definitely had way too many O-M-G moments for someone who is arguably too old to even be watching this show. But haters to the left, because I love PLL and I don’t care. Let’s talk about that finale, shall we?

The episode was divided between Alison and the four little liars, and the action at the Rosewood police department. Finally (finally!) Ali sat down with Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily and told them everything from the night she disappeared. It was so refreshing to fill in the blanks and shed light on some of those burning questions. So what happened during her final moments as a non-fake-dead person? Well, let’s revisit some of my questions and see if we got any answers:

Did Spencer really try and bash Ali’s skull in, on the night she disappeared? Was that a real memory or a drug-induced haze? And more importantly – did Mrs. DiLaurentis see it happen?

Well…yes and no. The night Ali disappeared, she was on the hunt to uncover the identity of A. She had Ian’s creepy stalker tapes as leverage and used it to blackmail her enemies. First, Toby and Jenna were crossed off the list. Then Ian as well. After a quick meeting with Ezra to clear up their relationship (there wasn’t one) and making sure that Aria’s dad knew she’d use the tapes against him, Ali went back to the barn. That’s where she ran into Spencer. Despite being sedated, Spencer was wide awake and all hopped up on her pills. She fought with Ali about Melissa, but she didn’t hurt her.

It was only after sending Spencer back to the barn that someone hurt Ali. She was whacked on the head with a rock by an unknown assailant…and Mrs. DiLaurentis saw the whole thing through her window.

Source: EW
Source: EW

Ali may not have been murdered, but she was buried, right? Who buried her? 

Here’s the creepy thing: it was Mrs. DiLaurentis who buried Ali alive. Whoever hurt Alison, it was a blow to Mrs. D. in more way than one. Crying, “What have you done?” over and over again, Mrs. D. put Ali in a shallow grave, believing her to be dead. This means two things: Ali’s mom knows who tried to kill Alison and she buried her trying to protect them.  Does that mean it’s Jason or that too obvious?

But even more of a mystery: whose bones are in Ali’s tomb? And how did some of them wind up in the belt of Spencer’s dress at the bridal event?

We don’t have any real answers about who the bones belong to, or how they ended up in Spencer’s dress, but someone does know who really killed the girl in Ali’s tomb: Melissa Hastings. In the finale, she whispered this very secret to her father, who looked shocked and horrified at the news.  But I guess we won’t learn anymore about that until season five…

Why is Toby in England?

No clue. Weeeeeird. Toby, stop being such a sellout.


Remember the woman at Wilden’s funeral who was dressed in a black veil? She was later seen wearing a burned Ali mask.

We still don’t know anything about her – but maybe this is the person Mrs. DiLaurentis was trying to protect. Showrunner Marlene King said this of the so-called Black Widow: “Because the Black Widow is definitely involved with our endgame Uber ‘A’ plan, it narrows down your possibilities of who this could be. But you will see the Black Widow again, and the Black Widow is very involved, and you have seen the Black Widow this season without the costume on.”

Hmmm…that makes me think it’s Melissa.  The body types are definitely similar and though many PLL fans are throwing around the theory of a secret Ali twin, this quote implies that she’s a character we already know.

Why did Jason lie about being in rehab and where was he really? Why is he back now?

Jason didn’t make a direct appearance in the finale, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t there.  The hooded figure who attacked Ali, Spencer, Emil, Aria and Hanna – not to mention a redeemed Ezra! – was definitely male and definitely strong enough to jump from one building to another. I’m not sure why he’s back, but I know he wasn’t in rehab. And I don’t trust him.


So, all this time we thought Ali was terrified of Board Shorts – who we know now as Ezra – but is it really that she’s afraid of her mother?

Maybe? Just like a Facebook relationship, Ali described things with her mother as “complicated.” She buried her alive, but she didn’t seem very shocked to find out that she’s not dead. Yeah, I’d say that’s a little complicated. I guess it doesn’t matter much now, since the finale closed with the shocking image of Mrs. DiLaurentis herself being buried. Who killed her? We know it wasn’t whoever was attacking the girls and Ezra, but it could be anyone else. Mr. Hastings? Jason? AGH.

Some of the biggest questions leading into season five revolve around Ali’s mom. Who was Mrs. D. protecting and who killed her? And are those people one and the same? I think they might be – but that’s not the same person who shot Ezra because these things seemed to happen at the same time, in different cities. The A team is definitely more than one person – and he or she is definitely still terrifying.  

I am on the edge of my seat to learn more, but at least I can comfort myself with this news is the meantime: Tyler Blackburn, A.K.A. Caleb Rivers is set to return as a series regular. This news will have to keep me until June 10, when Pretty Little Liars returns.

Source: aprettysupernaturalwolf on Tumblr

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