The Girls Finale Was Full Of Endings, Beginnings And Rude Awakenings

Source: HBO
Source: HBO

I know it’s not the most popular, or the strongest show, but I am still a fan of Girls.  After a somewhat scattered season, last night’s finale brought forth many important changes to some of the girls’ lives. Spoiler alert:  they weren’t all happy changes.  If you haven’t seen last night’s Girls finale, be warned, for the are even more spoilers ahead.

Marnie continues to be the saddest, most desperate person on this show. She definitely also falls into the category of “patheti-sad” and I can only wonder what would’ve happened to her character this season if Christopher Abbott (Charlie) hadn’t left the show so abruptly.  Maybe she would be in a better place. I’d hope she’d be doing something more satisfying than where we left her last night.  After sleeping with Ray (again) and then getting caught by Hannah, she knows she has to come clean to Shoshanna about sleeping with her ex. Of course, she chooses the worst moment ever to come clean – why does no one on this show have any sense about timing? Lord. Shoshanna? Not happy. Marnie? Such an idiot.

Then she finishes off her sad, sad season three journey by 1) Giving Desi a way inappropriate gift and making out with him right before Major Barbara‘s opening night, 2) Telling everyone about it like a giddy school girl, 3) Getting told by Clementine, Desi’s (older, hotter, cooler) girlfriend and finally, 4) Staring like a straight-up creeper, hiding behind a gate as Clementine and Desi argue at a restaurant.

Source: HBO
Source: HBO

Jessa had a pretty intense season between rehab and relapsing, only to lose just about everything because…well, because she’s a terrible person. I guess it was that innate terrible-ness that led her latest employer (an artist who is old and ill) to believe that Jessa would help her to commit suicide. Jessa was clearly a good drug connection with no morals…and of course she eventually agreed. In the end, though, Jessa had to dial 911 because her boss wanted to live after all. I guess there’s a lesson in there somewhere. Meh.

Shoshanna definitely learned her lesson this season. After breaking up with Ray and going on a sex bender, Shosh has learned a lot about herself. First of all, when you dump a decent guy who loves you to have months of meaningless sex, you feel empty. Second, when you hang out with self-involved jerks all the time, you don’t feel satisfied with your friendships. Third, if you never do your glaciology homework, your professor will fail your ass and you’ll be three credits shy of graduation.  Harsh.

Source: bricesander on Tumblr

Shosh has already dropped one hell of a truth bomb on her friends earlier this season (short version: you’re all THE WORST) but after hearing Marnie’s confession about Ray, she basically said what all of us were thinking. Then she tried to get Ray back. He said no. And through the crying and the yelling and the tantrums, I actually felt really bad for Shoshanna. Her loss was real and raw and Zosia Mamet was awesome. Can we get more amazing, angry Shoshanna next season, please? The vapid ditz act is insulting and this is much, much more interesting.

Hannah is another one I actually felt sorry for last night. Despite how selfish and misguided she can be, you can tell that Adam broke her heart and I’m not sure they will ever, ever get back together. Her inability to step back and give him space – along with Adam’s inability to focus on more than one desire at once – finally culminated in what seems to be the end. Again, with the poor timing! Why on earth did she tell him about Iowa right before opening night? Well, obviously, because she’s selfish and misguided, right. Silly me.

Source: HBO
Source: HBO

I’m sad because Lena Dunham and Adam Driver have great chemistry, but I’m glad because they really hold each other back from being the best versions of themselves.  Hannah is definitely at her worst when she’s with Adam (and she’s pretty awful all on her own). I hope she goes off to Iowa and attends grad school. It will be the jump start she needs (since they abandoned the GQ plot line too early, in my opinion) and a great way to reboot the series. Perhaps a flash forward to post-grad school Hannah? I think we need it just as much as she does.

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