Who Were Your Favorites In The Voice Battle Rounds?

Source: NBC
Source: NBC

Oh my gosh, did you guys hear that they are adding another week of battle rounds to The Voice? With one more steal for every coach? I am serious, this season will be months in before live singing ever actually happens! But the good news? This week’s battle rounds were really impressive. I guess they were saving all the good stuff for week two.

Even though they are still spending way (waaaay) too much time on the coaches, the performances were truly memorable. However, I am still having trouble getting over the fact that Blake sent home Alaska and Madi. WHAT. Was he listening to an entirely different performance, because I am pretty sure that Audra McLaughlin strained and yelled through the entire thing and that the teen duo sang like angels. LIKE ANGELS I TELL YOU. Am I wrong? (No.)


AGH. Moving on.

Another great performance from Monday night was from Team Usher. I barely remembered either of these wee ones from their blind auditions, but adorable little Madilyn Paige and  also adorable Tanner James teamed up to sing nauseatingly adorable Taylor Switft’s “Everything Has Changed.” It was lovely! It was like cotton candy and unicorns and rainbows! Usher kept Madilyn in the end, which I think was the right choice. But I’ll bet you Tanner has no trouble getting a date to the prom after this.


One battle I enjoyed, but wished it couldve been better, was between married duo Dawn and Hawkes and Josh Murley, who I did not remember, nor did I care for.  Adam set these guys up with Bob Dylan’s “Stuck In The Middle With You,” which seems like a really odd choice. That song doesn’t actually give anyone the chance to feature their vocal ability – and the Dylan version is so iconic, hearing it harmonized was weird. Of course, D&H won in the end. Thank goodness. I’m still big fans of theirs. Hopefully they’ll get better song choices from Adam as they move on.


I sort of made fun of Sam Behymer in her blind audition because she yodels her way through words, using mispronunciation as a stylistic choice. Total pet peeve. I felt fairly vindicated when Adam and mentor Aloe Blacc both told her to dial it back a few notches. Ha! But then you know what happened? She was great. I guess Adam Levine can coach a little. Who knew? Sam battled Cary Laine on “Give Me Love” and won.


The best battle of week two, though, definitely belonged to Team Shakira. The overly-built-up steal from Usher wasn’t much of a surprise (I mean, there was only one person left he could steal, duh) but the battle was well worth the hype. Cierra Mickens and Emily B. crushed it on Sara Bareilles’s “Brave” – a song I am so effing sick of, it’s doubly impressive that I liked it so much. Shakira chose Emily and, as I said, Usher stole Cierra for his team.


What did you think of the battles this week? Are you looking forward to more? Are you as angry as I am about Alaska and Madi? THEY SING LIKE ANGELS. Ahem. Let me know what you think and sound off in the comments.


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