The Voice Battle Rounds Are Still A Thing That’s Happening

Source: NBC
Source: NBC

Will we ever stop battling on The Voice? Will we ever see the four teams compete with each other instead of within their own teams? Will Carson Daly eventually just have an aneurysm when a coach makes a steal? Can his poor body take the toll? So much uncertainty! But you know what’s not uncertain? There is NO ESCAPE from more battle rounds on The Voice.

This week, we were treated to two nights of battles, making Tuesday night’s show the sixth hour of battle showdowns. Sheesh.

I guess with this many battles, you have to expect some clunkers. I was totally bored for most of the show. The only thing I would like to have seen was between Emily B. and this mystery person, Kristen Merlin. Has she been edited out of every episode so far, or is it just me? Seems like maybe they should tell us who she is, since she keeps winning? They battled on the Dixie Chicks “I Can Love You Better,” and mystery Kristen (krystery?) won. I’m sad to see Emily B. go. I might be happy for Kristen if I knew who in the hell she was.


The real battle of the night (the week, the season) was between Sisaundra Lewis and Biff Gore.  The Team Blake contestants sang the reality singing competition favorite, James Brown’s “”It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World.”  Seriously, that is on like, every season of every singing show ever. But it’s never been done like this. Biff Gore is great, but there was no question that Sisaundra was the winner. She is the one to beat this season. Looks like Team Blake might have a fourth win on his hands…


Phew! Monday we have…EVEN MORE BATTLES. Sigh.

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