The Worst Items In Adam Levine’s New Clothing Line


Have you ever wanted to be dressed by Adam Levine? No, I said dressed, not undressed. Yeah, I know. Disappointing, right? But if you’re into the celebrity clothing line thing, you can now buy items from Adam Levine’s women’s collection, exclusively for K-Mart. In my opinion, the line ranges from completely boring to completely douchey, depending on what you buy.

Adam told Women’s Wear Daily about his women’s collection: “My vision for the women’s line was to create a collection that I would like to see a woman wear…I love a free spirit so I wanted the clothes to have a relaxed and casual side to them. It’s effortless and classic. And in my opinion, classic is never boring.” Considering that most of the collection consists of casual basics, I would beg to differ on that “never boring” theory, but whatever, I guess the marketing strategy here is that a plain grey hoodie and jean shorts are new and exciting if they have his name on the tag?

Of course, that doesn’t mean that his collection is lacking that wonderful Adam Levine quality, like a white guy with dreadlocks who works for the school paper. Here are some of the more douchetastic items:


For the girl who wants an alternative to the more conformist signs featuring contractions


For the playful bisexual


For the girl who totally loves like, Africa


For the girl who totally loves, like, reggae, mon


For the girl who wants you to know you’re so cool (this shirt is $15, by the way)


…and the Aztec Canteen Bag, for the girl who likes a little cultural appropriation with her accessorizing

All images courtesy of Shop Your Way

2 thoughts

  1. The “you’re so cool” shirt is a Quentin Tarantino reference from his movie “True Romance.” I’m guessing Levine loves this movie like I do, seeing that he has this tattooed on him. Please do your research before insulting something. In fact, just delete this whole article and let people do what they want. Thanks, goodbye.


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