Sisaundra Lewis Dominates Team Blake On Voice Playoffs

Source: NBC
Source: NBC

It took me a while to understand how The Voice rounds work. I’m still not entirely sure that I do, but let’s see if I have this right. After about 30 or 40 rounds of battles, the playoffs have begun. The “playoffs,” it turns out, just means “the coaches kick two people off their team,” which became clear when only singers from Team Blake were performing. It seems that each coach will be given one night of these elimination-style playoffs, where they wheedle down their final five to just three contestants. When this is finished, each of the coaches’ top three will compete in the live competition. I think? Maybe?

Regardless, Team Blake fought it out last night and it was pretty good until Sisaundra Lewis literally wiped the floor with all of them. I mean honestly, the other singers were good. Some of them were even great. But then Sisaundra comes out, looking fierce as hell, and just dominated on “New York State Of Mind.” It was glorious.  It was like oh, you want singing? I will show you some singing, bitches. And then she opened her mouth and made everyone else look like actual garbage.


In addition to Sisaundra, Blake chose Audra McLaughlin and Jake Worthington to move forward. But no one cares, right? Let’s just watch that Sisaundra video again.

One thought

  1. I am totally disgusted with The Voice they want talent and they had Sisaundra Lewis…..I am absolutely shocked they voted her off…..what the heck is wrong with people….she has been the only one to perform that didn’t have to be coached at all for anything with her voice etc. I hope that Sisaundra is noticed by an agent and continues on with her singing career she is AWESOME!!! My hubby and I figured she was going to win this season….now we don’t even want to watch it anymore…I am sure most are feeling this way too….All the best to Sisaundra you are an awesome Woman !!!!

    Cheryl 🙂

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