A Little Shirtless Zac Efron To Brighten Your Monday

Source: MTV
Source: MTV

I haven’t watched the MTV Movie Awards in many years – mostly because of the Twilight franchise and it’s five-year reign of terror, but also because watching anything on MTV makes me feel painfully old. Who are these people? Why haven’t I ever heard of any of them? Why are there so many blinking lights? God, can’t they play some real music? In my day, we had awards that mattered! I don’t understand boys’ hair anymore. What is happening!? GET OFF MY LAWN.

Ahem. My point is, I missed the MTV Movie Awards, which aired last night. I am still at peace with that decision, but I did miss one moment that I’m not too old to understand: Zac Efron, shirtless.  What a beautiful phrase, am I right? Now, I don’t know who this Rita Ora chick is, and I don’t know why they have a category for “Best Shirtless Scene,” either, but I approve of what took place. Say it with me now: Zac Efron shirtless. Mmmhmm. As Zac was accepting this award (for a film I have also never seen, called That Awkward Moment) this Rita Ora chick decided he was a little too clothed and ripped his shirt off of him, right there on stage. Well played, Rita Ora chick!

If you are like me and missed it, you can get the ahem, highlights, below. Enjoy!

Source: MTV
Source: MTV
Source: MTV
Source: MTV
Source: MTV


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