Agents Of SHIELD: It’s Like When Angel Became Angelus All Over Again

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

Warning: This article contains big spoilers for Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. Read at your own risk.

What is it about a character going dark that makes them so attractive?

I am referring specifically to the transformation of Agent Grant Ward on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (please note: I  am dropping the punctuation. I refuse to type that over and over again).  Last week, it was revealed in a kick ass Captain America: The Winter Soldier crossover episode that Agent Ward has been working for The Clairvoyant and is secretly a Hydra agent. In a pretty shocking twist ending, Agent Ward shot Victoria Hand and freed John Garrett – who was less clairvoyant and more like a secret Hydra operative with a very high SHIELD security clearance. I KNOW, RIGHT? Then the two Hydra baddies shared an evil grin and we were all like, “WHAT!?” And then we were like, “WHOA!” And then it was all, “NOOOO.” And then:

In last night’s episode, Agent Coulson and the remaining (ex-)SHIELD agents were left to fend for themselves while Ward started phase two of his life as a double agent. While playing the straight and narrow Grant Ward for his teammates, he actually went on a looting binge with Garrett, robbing fallen SHIELD bases of all their most dangerous toys. Throughout the course of the episode, Ward revealed that he’s been part of Hydra all along – playing Coulson, Melinda and Skye like a bunch of naive little fiddles.

But – and I truly mean this – the most compelling change in Agent Ward is how suddenly he is so hot, right? I mean, Brett Dalton is an attractive guy, but he always had that too serious, kind of douchey exterior. Now he’s a new man! Evil Ward smirks and tells jokes! He’s cocky! He wears more eyeliner!

Source: fondu-with-downey on Tumblr

It’s like when Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer first turned into Angelus. Your heart was breaking for Buffy, but you had to admit…Angelus was way cooler. That’s how I feel about Ward. I mean, I feel really terrible for Skye, but let’s face the facts: Evil Ward is more charismatic, more interesting and just more fun to look at.  Is that wrong? It feels wrong…but oh so right…

But hey, at least I’m not the only one who thinks so. Brett Dalton thinks he’s sexier now, too.

Source: Brett Dalton Twitter
Source: Brett Dalton Twitter

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