Team Usher Narrows Down The Competition On The Final Voice Playoffs

Source: NBC
Source: NBC

Last night’s episode of The Voice finalized the top 12 who will compete in next week’s live shows. Team Usher took the stage and his five contestants were a mixed bag, some blah and some amazing. To me, Team Usher has been the underdog team, the singers who probably are not strong enough to make it to the end. Maybe it’s just a taste thing, but I just don’t see the appeal of singers like Stevie Jo, Melissa Jimenez and T.J. Wilkins – they have talent, but they are so stuck in their genres, making them feel redundant and boring to me. Also, Beyonce was too much for Melissa, am I right? However, some of Usher’s other contestants took a huge step forward last night.

The one exception to my “underdog” theory is Josh Kaufman. Stealing Josh from Team Adam was probably the best thing Usher has done all season. I’ve been impressed with Josh since his audition and even though he floundered a bit during battles, his performance last night blew me away.  I am not a huge Bruno Mars fan, but I have to admit that the man can sing – and Josh really held his own on “It Will Rain.” I can even overlook the fact that he was wearing manpris and a fedora.


The singer who really made her mark last night was Bria Kelly. She’s been up and down throughout the competition, but her rendition of the Rolling Stones’ “Wild Horses” made her sound like a seasoned professional.  It was truly gorgeous.


I’m still not sure if Team Usher will make it to the end, but he made the right call keeping those two. What do you think – will it be Usher’s year? Who are your favorites?

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