Power Ranking The Latest Episode Of Reign: Who Rules?

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

On a show like Reign, everything is a battle for power. Whether it’s through love, sex, lies or the almighty coin, there isn’t one character on Reign who is not fighting for control over someone or something else. Sometimes it’s just a little casual sexual domination with your kitchen servant girlfriend and sometimes it’s a plot to murder and overthrow the Queen of Scotland. It’s all in a day’s work in French Court, right?

The recent episode of Reign was no exception – everyone from the ladies in waiting to the King of France himself (or at least the sane part of him, which isn’t saying much, actually…) is taking part in some type of power play. Let’s see who came out on top this week.

1. Francis 
For once, things are going well for Francis. This is exciting, because his life mostly sucks. But this week, he uncovered and thwarted an attack on Mary’s life, he seemed to salvage some important financial dealings with the Pope (or something? They didn’t really explain, so neither will I) and it looks like his brother Sebastian is just a little less in love with his wife. Okay, so he had to lock his wife in the tower by the end of the episode, and Mary is probably going to be a little pissed off over that. But hey, it’s for her own good! And for France! No one ever said a king’s choices were easy.

2. Catherine
Life is never really great for Catherine, is it? Once the total HBIC, now she’s forced to serve a king who is not only a complete d*ck, but also completely bonkers. However, this week Catherine gets a few balls back in her court, so to speak. She manages to gain an ally in Kenna and she gets Penelope the servant girl out of the royal chambers and back in the kitchen where she belongs. I’m not being sexist…Penelope actually worked in the kitchens before she decided that she was queen. Why didn’t Catherine just fire her? Who knows. But I’m still considering it a win for poor Catherine, because she deserves a damn win for putting up with Henry.

3. Sebastian and Kenna
The world’s most unlikely couple also gains some status this week. While they may not love – or even really like – each other, Sebastian is trying to make things work. Kenna is her usual snotty self at first, but eventually comes around and reluctantly appreciates his olive branch of a wedding ring (small, but it’s the thought that counts, right?) The two end the episode with a smooch. Maybe in the future they’ll actually be friends…or more?

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

4. Lola
Lola may or may not have a lying deadbeat for a new husband, and he may or may not be secretly broke, but hey – it’s either this or have the bastard child of the king. Who just happens to be your best friend’s husband. Awkward! I’m going to say that any knocked up lady in waiting who nabs a husband right before she starts to show? That’s some womanly power right there. Now even if her husband ends up being broke, she won’t be “ruined” in the eyes of the court.

5. Mary
Considering Mary closes out this week’s episode locked in the tower, a prisoner in her own kingdom, it’s hard to call Mary the winner of anything this week. But hey, she did manage to not die, despite everyone’s best efforts to the contrary. That’s got to count for something, right?

6. Henry
Oh Henry…Things are not good for our king. After weeks of falling into what can only be described as total insanity, he’s finally crumbled. Catherine’s lost respect for him, his court is losing trust in him and Kenna is scared to go near him. The only friend he had was Penelope, his servant/dominatrix, but they’ve also parted ways after a very uncomfortable sex scene involving a crucifix and a Cardinal. Ugh. That leaves Henry alone with his demons, his religious guilt and…some bizarre vision of a ghost?

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

7. Olivia
Olivia didn’t really get anything she wanted this week. She’s maybe still got The Darkness (capital letters for DOOM) inside of her and Nostradamus totally sent her packing, even though the two have fallen in love. Then again, she isn’t going to die in some horrible foretold death, so she isn’t the biggest loser…

8. Nostradamus
…No, that title belongs to Nostradamus. Poor Nosty.  He just cannot win. After losing his wife and child to The Plague and being haunted by terrible visions his entire life, Nostradamus had long given up on the idea of happiness until he met Olivia. He cured her of The Darkness (capital letters for DOOM). He was rejuvenated! He was in love! He…had a premonition that she was going to die if she stayed in the castle. He tried to escape with her, but Catherine threatened him and forced him to stay. So he sent her off, breaking her heart and his as well.

One has to wonder what will happen next. Who haunts Henry in his visions and will it finally send him off the deep end? Will Mary stay locked up in the tower for long? Will Sebastian and Kenna start to develop real feelings for each other? The only thing that’s guaranteed is that nothing is certain on Reign. Except that Nostradamus’s life will probably continue to suck. That’s historical fact.

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