Watch Porsha Williams Attack Kenya Moore At RHOA Reunion

Source: Bravo TV
Source: Bravo TV

If you didn’t actually watch part one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion last night, I’ve saved you the trouble of looking up the moment you’re probably dying to see: Porsha Williams going all berserker on Kenya Moore.

I am not going to lie: it’s not pretty. I do not condone violence or anything, but can we give Porsha the benefit of the doubt here? Kenya was asking for it, goading her on from the moment she walked in with that “magic wand” and bullhorn. A person can only be pushed so far and Kenya proved this – Porsha doesn’t even seem to be in control of herself.

Source: TMZ
Source: TMZ

“I didn’t even realize what happened until I was laying on the ground and I opened my eyes and I saw Nene,” she tells a flabbergasted Andy Cohen later, and she sounds dazed as she says it. I truly don’t think she knew what she was doing – and that? That makes me feel bad for her. Of course, Andy had to ask her to leave and rumors are rampant that she’s been fired from the show. That makes sense to me. You can’t have a liability like that on television. But what level of mental abuse are these women willing to endure here? At what point does it become too ugly, too personal and perhaps even too dangerous to be worth it?

You can watch Porsha go off below, followed by the clip of Andy asking her to leave the reunion. The rest of the reunion special will air without Porsha’s involvement. In the meantime, Porsha is being charged with misdemeanor battery in Fulton County for the brawl and she has reclaimed her pride with the world’s hottest mug shot, seen above. Bravo is still mum on whether she will return for the next RHOA season, though TMZ is reporting that she got canned.



What do you think – was Porsha provoked or did she go too far? Are you Team Kenya or Team Porsha?

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