Hail Heartbreak! Agents Of SHIELD Hits You Right In The Pheels

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

If you are at all familiar with the Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD fandom, I won’t have to explain things to you when I say that last night’s episode hit me Right In The Pheels. Yes, those are special Feels, saved specifically for Agent Phil Coulson, a man brought back from the dead by the sheer force of his fangirls’ devotion. And ABC and Disney and Joss Whedon and Marvel and a multi-million dollar franchise, or whatever. But it was mostly us, right? I am taking at least 40-45% credit personally, so there.

Last night’s episode picked up right where we left off last week, with recently-evil Agent Ward fresh from his Hydra adventures, ready to get that encrypted hard drive from Skye at any cost. And if that means lying to her, kissing her and then murdering Patton Oswalt in the process, well Agent Ward is prepared to do so…and he does. Even murdering Patton Oswalt, seriously! It’s pretty messed up…but not as messed up as the romantic entanglements of this mismatched team.

It seems like everyone on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has to deal with heartbreak – but just how bad is it?

Skye and Ward: The Doomed Ship Pheels

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

The obvious romantic disaster here is Agent Ward and Skye, known on the internets as “Skyeward,” or so the kids tell me. Romance seemed like a plausible, even predictable outcome for the two until recently, when it was revealed that Ward has actually been working for Hydra. If anyone loves a good redemption story, it’s Joss Whedon, but I don’t know if Ward can come back from his recent spree of murder and betrayal. His heartfelt confession of, “I’m not always a nice guy,” didn’t work so well once Skye realized that he also had Agent Koenig’s blood on his hands…and face. Literally, it was on his face.

Last night’s episode ended with one hell of a cliffhanger – Skye now knows that Ward is working for Hydra. It was a punch to the gut, watching her face crumble first in shock, horror, and finally total devastation as it all became clear. Now she’s stuck alone with Ward, forced to pretend she’s still falling in love, or face the wrath of Hydra. Not very romantic.

Source: frekkenbok on Tumblr


Fitz, Simmons and Triplett: The Love Triangle Pheels

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

Another relationship is blossoming between Agents Triplett and Jemma Simmons. Their flirtation is adorable, if somewhat stilted at times. I wish the two had more time to develop some natural chemistry, but those damn life or death situations keep getting in their way. Well, that and poor Leo Fitz, who can’t seem to stop himself from being hopelessly in love with his best friend. As the attraction between Triplett and Simmons grows, so does Fitz’s unhappiness – and his irritation with Triplett’s presence. Brushed off as nothing more than an aversion to change, we know that Fitz really wants Simmons all to himself.  I mean, his little face, you know? The poor guy is just tragic.  I think the worst part was that psych eval question: “You wash up on a deserted island alone. Sitting on the sand is a box. What is in that box?” Sniffle.

Source: fuckyeahelizabethhenstridge on Tumblr


Phil and The Cellist: The Sorry I Fake Died Pheels

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

Ever since the very brief mention of a cellist in The Avengers movie, Phil Coulson fans have been wanting to know more about the mystery woman he dated before he went and got himself fake-killed by Loki. Last night brought this story some emotional closure, with Joss Whedon casting favorite Amy Acker guest starring as Audrey Nathan, Phil’s ex-girlfriend and the target of Marcus “Blackout” Daniels.  The Blackout storyline was actually kind of weak, in my opinion, and felt a little bit like a throwaway. I mean, they defeated him by literally just shining a light on him? Really? Okay.

However, Amy Acker and Clark Gregg really put me through the emotional ringer. Still mourning the loss of Phil and only starting to move on, Audrey had no idea that Coulson was really alive, mere feet away and helping to rescue her again. Even though there were obviously still feelings (pheelings?) there, Phil decided to keep Audrey in the dark about his not-so-dead-ness, mostly because he wouldn’t be able to be there for her, anyway.  I mean, come on! If that isn’t some tear jerking tragic love stuff there, I don’t know what is! Whatever, I am still kind of upset that Fred died on Angel, if I’m being really honest.


What do you think of the romances on Agents of SHIELD? Are you still hoping Melinda May and Ward get back together, or are you a die-hard Skyeward fan? Are you Team Fitz or Team Triplett? Do you want to just watch Skye and Ward make out again? Yeah, okay, me too.

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2 thoughts

  1. I was intrigued by Skye’s response to Ward’s hard sell come on, personally. She really wasn’t all that interested in an actual romantic relationship, as I saw it, but maybe I need to watch again? But I thought Chloe did a fabulous job in that reaction scene where she had to accept the reality that Ward is Hydra, not SHIELD.


    1. I felt like she was interested in a romantic relationship with him. Maybe not totally seriously falling in love, but I think she was interested. He seems more into her though, to be honest. Even before the Hydra thing came out.


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