Reign’s New Couple, Kenna and Bash: Are You Into It?

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

Not all great romances start out like a fairy tale love story. Sometimes the couple begins as enemies and slowly becomes friends, only to one day fall in love. Sometimes one of them belongs to another and it’s a secret affair that initially brings the two together. And sometimes you fall in love with your brother’s fiancee, steal her, then lose her, then your mentally ill father forces you to watch them consummate their marriage and marry his mistress at the threat of death. Ah, romance! So unpredictable!

For Kenna and Sebastian on Reign, things seemed to be pretty doomed from the start. I mean, what is more awkward? Being forced to marry at sword-point, the widely-understood knowledge that he’s in love with her best friend, or the fact that she’s been banging his dad for the past year? Okay, it’s definitely the last one. That is definitely the most awkward. But none of these were ideal circumstances. It seemed unlikely that Kenna and Bash would ever get along, let alone start to feel something for each other.

However, on last week’s episode, between the madness of King Henry, the power-play between Mary and Francis and Lola’s wedding to Lord Julien, Kenna and Bash exchanged a very sweet kiss. Maybe it’s just because everyone else around them is batsh*t crazy, but it was sweet nonetheless. This week, the couple took things a step further. After weeks of hunting THE DARKNESS (oh yeah, remember that thing?) Sebastian returns to his new wife and well, things get a little marriage-appropriate, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

Sebastian is weirded out that she used to do his dad on the regular, but he’s insistent on making her forget. “I want you to forget every boy who ever smiled at you,” he tells her. “Every man who ever flirted with you…everyone but me.”  But, you know, mostly my dad, right? Because, ew. Unfortunately, Kenna is not the only one who needs to forget a thing or two. After what seems like literally days of foreplay and build-up (honestly, time makes no sense on this show, but Bash is a total tease, am I right?) Bash still won’t have sex with her. It’s only when he sees Mary and Francis together that he’s inspired to uh, finish the job.

So, was it for revenge? Was it to force himself to forget? Or was he seeing Mary instead of Kenna when he closed his eyes? Kenna seemed to fear the latter, because she asked him to open his eyes and look at her. “When you’re with me, I want to be the only one inside your head,”  she demands, but I don’t know if it’s going to work. Ultimately, I think Bash is still in love with Mary and even though he has nice chemistry with Kenna (Kemmistry? Sorry) I don’t think it’s meant to be.

What do you think? Are you in favor or Kenna and Bash, or are you still holding out hope for Bash and Mary? Do you think Kenna and Bash will make it through the season? Are you as uncomfortable with Bash’s little patch of chest hair as I am? Let me know what you think!

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  1. I love Kenna and Bash! It’s different, adds spice to the conflict and avoids to keep a continuous “love triangle struggle” (*cough* TVD, for instance). It was VERY unexpected, but it can work out and I ship it 😉 great review.


    1. Mash. All the way. Bash and Mary deserve each other. I wish they started the love triangle again. Even though it looks like they R copying TVD (Stefan and Elena all the way) It will give mash a chance

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    2. Yes, Mary and Bash are like fireworks and his love for her is unconditional and true. He loves her for her not what she has to offer, and if they ever married (I hope so) then his duties would be to her not anyone or anything else! He would do anything for her, he loves her so much, he even killed for her. MASH ALL THE WAY! And there kids would be so adorable! ❤


  2. I love Kenna and Bash.

    I don’t see Mary and Bash happening. I mean he was inlove with her but was she really inlove with him? When someone said(don’t know who anymore) do you love him? She was like saying yeah I think I am starting to..

    YOU THINK YOU THINK? seriously that is kind of the end of that relationship. Besides she only wanted to marry Bash to save Francis. When Francis came back and the vision changed she walked right back to Francis.

    As for Kenna and Sebastian. Yes they we’re forced to marry. But you saw them come closer and closer by time. Even saying I love you to eachother. If Kenna and Sebastian don’t get through this marriage it pretty much screws up Sebastian’s character. Remember? He is loyal and seeing he just dropped the ‘I love you’ bomb to Kenna they should keep it that way. Or else he isn’t as loyal as anyone thinks.

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    1. Mary loves bash but she loves Francis more. I hate what Francis did to Mary
      I believe bash would be great for Mary. And Kenna was with his father talk about awkward


  3. I think Mary and Bash should be together. I mean Francis did have a child with Lola. And Bash wouldn’t do that. So I think Mary and Bash would be great. Plus. I don’t see Francis and Mary happening. he’s not right for her.

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  4. Kenna and bash! They are such a good couple and they make the show interesting. If bash and Mary got back together then I don’t know if I would continue to watch the show. Oh and just because Francis and Lola.. Well you know…. “Did it” it was when Mary was going to marry bash. So you can’t really blame Francis. Mary left him for his brother so I think it’s pretty even I you ask me. And Mary really does love Francis anyway. I think out of all the relationships Jenna and bash’s is the most interesting and if Mary and Francis ever broke apart then the show would probably turn to Mary and bash right? And I do NOT like that idea. So keep those two relationships in the show. 🙂

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  5. He should be with Mary. He loves her unconditionally and would do anything for her (unlike Francis). His honesty and personality and love for his brother and family are beyond his “duties”. Mary should have that.


  6. I love Bash & Mary. They deserve a chance to be together. She has stuffed them Around, Bash fell for her only to get heartbroken.
    Mash all the way


  7. I love Bash and Mary, only just started watching this on Netflix as live in the UK and have now watched the whole 2 seasons in less than a week, been totally gripped by the storyline 🙂 I did love Bash and Mary together and their Chemistry was amazing but she loves Francis more, but I feel that if the writers follow History and Francis dies, then I’d love for Bash and Mary to be together again. He’s the kind of guy who would take care of the girl he was with completely and he loved her for the person she is and not what he can get from her. I was saddened that in Season 2 the writers decided to write them off completely and he seemed to have moved on pretty darn quick which was weird as he seemed totally in love with her, but there was absolutely nothing in Season 2 😦 we can all but hope 🙂


  8. Sebastian belongs with Mary. I am a huge Mash supporter and I almost stopped watching the show the minute he got together with Kenna. I am anything but fond of this couple. I still hope that in season 3 Mary and Sebastian will get together. Bash deserves to be happy and I believe that only Mary, his true love, can fully accomplish that, even though she does not deserve him. I am glad to see that many people aggree with me, for this increases the possibilities of it actually happening.


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