Huh. Wait, Huh? Let’s Talk About That Agents Of SHIELD Plot Twist



That was Agent Coulson’s baffled reaction to the shocking video that revealed who was behind Project TAHITI. Needless to say, do not read on unless you have seen last night’s Agents of SHIELD. This is your spoiler warning, folks.

Last night’s episode brought forward several revelations, but none were as surprising as what Agent May revealed in the last few minutes. After going on a hunt that ultimately led her to Coulson’s empty grave, Melinda returned to her team with the truth behind the TAHITI program: Agent Coulson himself was leading the project. WHAT?  I KNOW, RIGHT? Hear that? That’s the sound of many minds being blown…not unlike the actual test subjects of the TAHITI program, who suffered severe mental deterioration and psychosis. Turns out, the project was initiated by Director Fury as a fail safe in case any Avenger died in battle. Now, from what I can understand, the TAHITI experiments were basically using alien stem cells (for lack of a better term) to bring dead things back to life. And it worked…sort of. But in the video that Agent May uncovered, Coulson offers his resignation if Fury doesn’t terminate the program. The subjects (and just who the hell were the subjects?) were unstable and Coulson wanted Fury to pull the plug.  Little did he know that soon, the project would be used to save his own life.

So, what does this mean for Agent Coulson? How is this connected to that blue alien dude? And how is it connected to Skye? More importantly, will Coulson continue to investigate the Project TAHITI now that he knows the truth? I’m sure he’s wondering just what happened to all those test subjects…I know I am. Yikes.

To recap:

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