James Franco Posts The Saddest Nude Selfie Ever, The World Fails To Understand

Source: James Franco official Instagram
Source: James Franco official Instagram

Click here to see the full NSFW image

Is James Franco taking his social media creeper image up a notch or is he just trolling us? That’s the question everyone is asking today, probably, if they’re thinking about James Franco, anyway. Last night, he posted a nearly-naked selfie on his Instagram with the caption “JUMP ROPE” and he just looks so depressed in it, you guys. I look at it and I wonder so many things. Like, why can’t a 36-year-old man grow real chest hair? Why does he look so somber? What does JUMP ROPE mean? Is that pornstache part of his Of Mice And Men costume, or does he just enjoy looking like a sexual predator? Why is he sweaty? Actually, I don’t want to know that last one. Ugh.

I think my favorite description of the selfie (and yes, I’ve read many) came from E! Online, who said, “His chest appears sweaty and the actor’s facial expression is forlorn.” Indeed.

But for real, is James Franco just messing with us? You may remember not so long ago when the actor/artist/permanent liberal arts major got into hot water for trying to booty call a 17-year-old fan. The Instagram messages and texts were published online and Franco went on Live With Kelly and Michael to laugh the whole thing off. He just got mixed up in that tricky world of social media, right? Or it was all a stunt to promote the film version of his short story collection, Palo Alto? Ooor, is he just into picking up teenagers? One of the three! The jury is still out on that one, if you ask me.

So is this just another piece in Franco’s latest art experiment or is it just a little bit of selfie-loving – followed immediately by the inevitable Selfie Regret, since the photo is now deleted? No one is sure. But if this is an experiment of some sort, just what is the end game? Will there be a film or a bizarre exhibit, as celebs-turned-loony have done in the past? A poetry anthology entitled, The Internet: I Be Creepin‘?  Only time will tell.

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