Forget Everyone Else, It’s All About Julien And Lola On Reign


This week’s Reign had a lot of weak points. Let’s just get that out of the way. I applaud the show’s attempt at actual historical fact – France and the Duke of Guise really did retake Calais in 1558 – but the events surrounding it (not to mention the extremely low budget battle scenes) are pretty laughable. As for the rest of the ongoing political plots, well…they’re okay I guess, but I really prefer when this show sticks to its Gossip Girl roots. Launching full scale political plots with kidnappings and beheadings and mercenaries (What up, Helo!) just end up getting confusing and silly. More love triangles and weird sex plots, less power plays for land, okay?

That being said, one plot did emerge on this week’s Reign that totally has me on board: Julien and Lola. The two have only been married a short time, and they’ve enjoyed even less screen time, but this week they finally got the attention they deserve. While Francis is out fighting for France and Mary is at court, fighting for Scotland, poor pregnant Lola is just fighting for her future. She got off pretty lucky, getting a man of station and fortune to marry her so quickly, especially since she’s pregnant with another man’s child. It almost seemed too lucky, and it turns out that it was. Julien, though still devastatingly handsome, is as poor as poor can be. He may come from a good family in terms of wealth, but they are “not good people,” according to him. Though he didn’t explain what that means, he did eventually come clean about losing his entire fortune. Turns out, he only married Lola for the money and upon gaining her dowry, he planned to split town and leave her pregnant and alone. Not very nice.

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

Fortunately for Lola, she had some friends on her side to help uncover the truth. Sebastian, at the request of Kenna (who is getting more redeemable by the day) discovered that Julien’s supposed “hunting trip” was basically just him, a horse and carriage and no hunting party or hunting supplies. Ummmmmmm. I mean, not the best cover. You’d have to be kind of an idiot to not figure out that Julien wasn’t actually going hunting, you know? He clearly never intended on returning. It was only Lola’s tearful plea for him to stay with her, be there for her, that eventually led to his change of heart.

It seems like some real feelings are budding between the two. Julien is willing to take Lola as she is – bastard child and all – and Lola is okay with living off only her family’s money. Sure, they won’t be filthy rich, but at least they will have each other, right? Not to mention that she won’t be stuck in a lonely convent, ruined and shamed forever. A middle-class life with Julien is definitely still preferable. Plus, did I mention the devastatingly handsome part?  Because yeah, he’s pretty dreamy.

Source: s-stonefields on Tumblr

I like the chemistry between these two characters and I hope we will get more from them in the future. There are many questions that remain: is that the only secret Julien is hiding? Probably not. I mean, just what is so wrong with his family and how did he lose his entire fortune? There’s got to be something horrible behind that whole story. Plus, what will he make of Lola’s child when it’s born – will he want to know the father’s true identity? Will Lola ever tell him that he’s be raising the bastard child of the future king? This is juicy stuff, people! I know the show is about Mary and Francis, but there’s just something about Julien and Lola that I like. More of them, Reign! I am definitely shipping it, even more than I’m shipping Kenna and Bash. Bring on the Lolulien!

Some more stray thoughts:

  • Boy, Lola sure got real pregnant real fast! My guess is she will have the baby in the finale.
  • They’ve mentioned more than once how Julien’s wives died. Please don’t let him actually be a wife-killer, please please.
  • “All I have to offer you is me…with time, I will prove myself to you.” SWOON. PLEASE DON’T BE A WIFE-KILLER.

And finally, awwwww:

Source: laurncooper on Tumblr

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