The Voice Sends Three Contestants Home: Here’s Your Voice Elimination Live Blog

Source: NBC
Source: NBC

On last night’s live episode of The Voice, Pharrell Williams wore a Mickey Mouse sweater. I don’t know how I failed to mention this in my recap, but I am saying it now. It’s a great sweater and frankly, it should get more attention than that hat. I am sick of the hat. More Mickey sweaters!

Um. Sorry. Hi. Welcome to your Voice semi-live blog! We are getting right to it tonight, starting the show off with a country performance of The Band Perry’s “Chainsaw” from Kristen, Jake, Audra and…Kat? Okay, sure. It’s weird, but good. Kat sings it fine and all, but why is she there? Did they need a fourth? Anyway, while they are singing, I will explain that tonight we are actually going to see three contestants go home instead of the usual two. I didn’t realize this! Whoa! In my recap, I predicted that Audra and Kristen would be going home. If I had to select a third, I would say um. Josh. I am going to say Josh will be the third. Seeing as how I’ve correctly predicted the last two elimination shows, we’ll see if I’m right. Carson has the first safe contestant ready to go. And it’s…Josh. Well then. Looks like I mucked that one up.

Source: NBC
Source: NBC

So Usher’s only artist moves on to next week. Sending three people home is interesting, because it could literally wipe out any one team, even Adam or Blake. Team Shakira is doomed, guys. I’m just going to put it out there. DOOMED. However, she is rocking a very Emma-Stone-at-the-Met-Gala side braid and it looks great. So she’s got that going for her. Plus millions of albums sold worldwide and unbelievable wealth and fame. That, plus a braid!

The coaches discuss their teams for a bit, with Adam defending Kat’s place in the competition. Team Kat! But then it gets boring and I tune it out for a bit. When I tune back in, Carson is announcing the next safe contestant. It’s…Kristen Merlin! HOLY SH*T! I did not see that coming! Neither did Shakira, who is freaking the eff out right now and it’s adorable. Literally no one thought Kristen would make it, even her coach. Wow, I am 0 for 2 so far. Shame on me, man. Congrats to Kristen!

Source: NBC
Source: NBC

This is weird to say, but Godzilla looks really good, you guys.

The Voice confessional tonight is about moms in honor of Mother’s Day. Everyone is very adorable and sweet as they talk about their mommies. Carson Daly makes his mom cry and it’s super cute. Then he totally ruins it by telling us all to take our moms to Starbucks for an Oprah Chai. NOPE. Back to the votes! Next on the list and saved by America is Team Adam’s Christina Grimmie. Oh man, Team Blake is in trouble. Maybe I am still right about Audra?

After the break, Christina joins Delvin, Sisaundra and Josh to sing a song called “Latch” that I do not know and it is a truly horrible song. I mean wow, this is a bad song. I get maybe 45 seconds in before I get impatient and fast forward. When they are done, Carson announces that Jake Worthington is safe. Whoa, that means the bottom four is: Sisaunda, Delvin, Audra and Kat. Two from Team Blake, two from Team Adam and some of the best vocalists in the competition. Three of these contestants will go home, which truly bums me out, because that means that I am going to lose at least one of my faves, Sisaundra or Kat. Or both. WHAT NONSENSE.

Source: NBC
Source: NBC

Sisaundra is up first to sing for her safety. She kills “Natural Woman.” I feel sad already. The coaches all seem pretty shocked that she’s in the bottom. Join the club. Audra is up next, singing a song that I missed the title of, but it’s upbeat country and totally the best she could do. You know I’m not a huge fan of hers, but it’s a great performance. This is unfortunately followed by another great performance: Kat Perkins singing Heart’s “Barracuda.” It’s not as kickass as last week’s “last chance” song, but it’s still awesome. Man, I don’t want any of them to go home. This is a huge bummer. Last up is Delvin Choice, who sings “Young Girls.” Not a great song. He is kind of straining a little. Funny story about this song: my BFF thought that Bruno Mars sang “young, white girls” and not “young, wild girls,” so now that’s all I hear. But I digress. Delvin is probably going home. He’s honestly the only one I am sure of. I was sure that Audra would be in the bottom because I thought the country vote would go to Jake – I was right, but now the country vote can rally on Twitter for her as well.

As the commercials go on, the votes are very close. Kat is pulling ahead by about 10% of the votes! OMG! Delvin and Audra are neck and neck in second place. Sisaundra is receiving the least amount of votes, with only about 15-18%. That’s a bit surprising. I guess America is over it. This is the one time I regret not watching live, because I’d vote for her. Oh well. She’s outta here, along with Audra and Delvin. KAT IS SAFE. YOU GUYS KAT IS SAFE. WOO!

Source: NBC
Source: NBC


Damn, that’s a big hit for Team Blake, but Adam is euphoric. You can tell he really wanted her to stay, even more than Delvin. I am sad for Sisaundra, but pleased that Kat made it through yet again. What do you think? Did the right people go home? What do you think of the Top 5 contestants?

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