Andy Cohen’s New Book Is A ‘Pop Culture Time Capsule’ And I Cannot Wait


For those of you who – like me – read Andy Cohen’s debut book Most Talkative and have been impatiently waiting for another, your wait is almost over. Andy’s follow-up to the best-selling Most Talkative will hit shelves this fall. Entitled The Andy Cohen Diaries, Bravo reports that it “will chronicle his daily adventures among Manhattan’s bold-faced names, from late nights on the Watch What Happens Live set to hanging out with his celebrity pals on the town.”

Andy goes on to describe it:

“My new book is my reality show, in print…It’s the embodiment of everyone’s secret desire to eavesdrop on the table next to them at a Manhattan restaurant, or to see what happens when we cut to commercial on my show. It’s my own take on Andy Warhol’s Diaries, which I loved, and I hope it will wind up being a pop culture time capsule in the same way his is.”

Andy Cohen brushes shoulders with just about everyone in the entertainment industry, so he probably has a lot of good dish to share – although I don’t think it will be full of stories that make him any enemies along the way. Still, a diary-style account of his experiences sounds interesting and will give us readers some good insight into how things happen behind the scenes. What I loved about Most Talkative is that it made you feel like you were there with Andy, helping to deliver some of the most important moments in pop culture history. He never made it feel like the book was about him, so much as it was about experiencing those moments. I’m hoping that The Andy Cohen Diaries has the same feel – a close spectator’s view of who’s who and not a “let me tell you how famous my friends are” kind of thing.

Personally, I cannot wait until he leaves Bravo for good and writes the ultimate Real Housewives tell-all book. I’d love to hear about what really happened with Adrienne Maloof, Jill Zarin, Kenya and Porsha and the Giudice family. I’m sure that once he’s free of any Bravo contracts, he’ll consider writing it. But I guess this book will satisfy me until then. Are you excited about Andy’s new book?

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