James Franco Tries To Explain His Instagram Behavior (Again), Laughs It Off (Again)


James Franco has gone on television again to talk about how he keeps putting inappropriate nonsense on Instagram. Is this his entire press tour? “Yes, I am in a Tony-nominated Broadway play, but also, let’s talk about my nude selfies and how I troll for underage chicks online!” And then the booking agents on the talk shows are like, “Sounds good, no one cares about Of Mice and Men! John Steinbeck was a hack!”  That’s how I imagine it, anyway. Not that Franco negotiates his own bookings. But hey, whatever. My point is, last night Franco appeared on The Late Show to discuss the situation with David Letterman.  Letterman wanted to know what was up with the Instagram activity. We all do, Dave.

Franco responded with a chuckle. Oh Dave! Now why’d you go and bring that up! Har har. “I have a lot of followers on Instagram,” he started. It’s true: Franco has more than two million followers. Letterman then showed the audience his most recent controversial selfie (NSFW) which makes the studio audience laugh and makes Franco yell, “Careful!” Get it? Because he’s naked. With his hand on his bathing-suit-area! When the laughter dies down, Franco explains that it’s just a fun thing to him, something he doesn’t put a lot of thought into. Yeah sure, okay. He does admit, though, that it gets him a lot of attention.

“But isn’t it…provocative?” Letterman wonders. “It’s not like I’m putting that on billboards!” Franco says in his defense, because yes, that’s true. Billboards only reach a certain geographic region, whereas Instagram reaches the um, world wide web. That’s what they call it, right? Because it reaches the whole wide world? Riiight.

In the end, James Franco blames the bloggers. These pictures are for his fans, see? “It’s what the people want!”* But The Bloggers (capital letters for extra malicious intent) are making it into a big deal! He’s not asking you to look at it! It’s The Bloggers making the images available to the public. “Now all the bloggers are following on there so they’ll just take it and use my images for whatever they want,” explains Franco. Wow. Call the ACLU, guys.

You can watch the full clip below. Spoiler alert: He’s definitely trolling us.



4 thoughts

  1. James Franco is a Brilliant Beautiful Talented Lovely Human Being who we should all aspire to be.He loves his loyal fans and I am one♥


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