Poor Song Choices Drop Like Unnecessary Balloons On The Voice Semi-Finals

Source: NBC
Source: NBC

Last night on The Voice the following things occurred: Adam Levine dropped a truckload of manure on Blake Shelton’s pick-up truck, Usher mistakenly referred to Shakira as Cuban instead of Colombian and a huge bunch of balloons dropped on the stage for no known reason. It was kind of a weird night. The top five performed and, in my opinion, some of them are cracking under the pressure.  There were weird song choices all around, especially on Team Adam, and I think an overwhelming need to stand out is going to end up alienating that team from its fans. Let’s talk about the best and worst performances of the night.

Each contestant sang two songs last night, so let’s start with Kristen Merlin. Her first song choice was a typical country number, “Gunpowder and Lead” by Miranda Lambert. I feel like someone sings that every season. Kristen did a fine job, but I agreed with Blake when he pointed out that she seemed awfully cheerful for such an angry song. Kristen’s second performance, Jewel’s “Foolish Games” was much more memorable for me. Also quite lovely. It was nice to see a softer side of Kristen.


While we are talking about country singers, let’s tackle Jake Worthington. I will admit that I did my typical fast fowarding through both of Jake’s songs, because he’s just not for me. This doesn’t mean he’s not talented – no, he’s great. But I know the kind of music he sings and I know that I don’t enjoy it. Luckily for Jake, millions and millions of people do. He will definitely be safe tonight. He sang Waylon Jennings’ “Good Ol’ Boys” and Bryan Adams’ “Heaven,” both of which are charting pretty nicely on iTunes right now. “Heaven” is actually number three on the iTunes singles chart as I type this. Jake will be just fine.


Next, let’s talk about Josh Kaufman. He’s another singer who, like Jake, is very consistent. Usher makes some very good choices for him, including John Legend’s “All Of Me.” John Legend is kind of boring and a really great singer, just like Josh, so it worked out. His second song was One Republic (up there with Pink as a required weekly artist to cover, it seems) and the song was called “Love Runs Out.” I’d never heard it before, but I’m sure once it starts getting radio play, it will plague my ears until the end of time. Anyway, Josh! He’s lovely. 


Oh boy, now we’re up to Team Adam. First, let’s discuss Kat Perkins. Oh, Kat. I don’t know why she decided to sing these songs, but they did not work out for her. I think my girl is going to be in the bottom three for the fourth week in a row. She started out with Sia’s “Chandelier,” a song I didn’t know but I do know Sia. Her voice is extremely powerful and unique and operatic. Kat tried? Um. I don’t know. She hit the notes but it was just weird to me, totally not Kat’s style at all. Then she went and sang a Disney song, “Let It Go” from Frozen, of course. She chose to sing the Demi Lovato version, which was smart. I mean, Kat is great, but she cannot pull off Adele Dazeem Idina Menzel. Still, it was bizarre. I just…no. 


Finally, we get to Christina Grimmie. Adam Levine seems to have no idea at all what to do with Christina Grimmie. She’s extremely talented, but she’s all over the place. I have literally no clue what kind of album Christina would release and that separates her from everyone else and not in a good way. It also makes her weak and prone to poor choices, like singing Imogen Heap’s “Hide And Seek.”  Have you ever heard the original? Go listen to it right now. It is one of the most beautiful, haunting songs I’ve ever heard. Hearing it belted out with awkward editing and unnecessary runs was a terrible experience and I never want to live it again. Which is why I am embedding Christina’s second song, “Some Nights” by fun. This was much better, though I still don’t get the balloons.


What did you think of last night’s performances? Who will be in the bottom three? My guess is that Jake and Josh will be safe and then we’ll save Kristen. I think Team Adam is toast.

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