James Franco Has Been Filming A Documentary About James Franco

Source: swide.com
Source: swide.com

You know how James Franco has been everywhere lately – more everywhere than usual, I mean? He’s been making random appearances on talk shows to discuss his ill-fated attempts to pick up underage fans and explain his sad, sweaty nude selfies. He’s launched somewhat juvenile and generally panned art exhibits, like his drag re-creation of Cindy Sherman’s 1977-80 “Film Stills” at the Pace Gallery. The film version of Franco’s short story collection Palo Alto is being shopped around the festival circuit. Plus, he’s co-starring in a Broadway play. The guy is pretty busy, but some of his recent actions have been more than a little questionable. Well, now we’ll get a firsthand look into what he’s been up to and why, because there’s going to be a James Franco documentary.

Franco: A Documentary (great name!) started filming back in June 2013 and is currently in the final stages of editing. According to The Wrap, the documentary will focus on “Franco’s controversial exploits in academia and the art world, as well as touch on his conventional film career and Broadway debut.”

Possible scenes from this documentary include:

  • James Franco discussing James Franco’s work on James Franco’s Twitter
  • James Franco taking pictures of James Franco and posting them on James Franco’s Instagram
  • James Franco discussing the actions of James Franco on various talk shows
  • James Franco producing an art gallery of photographs taken by James Franco, featuring portraits of James Franco
  • James Franco’s writings, loosely based on the experiences of James Franco
  • James Franco’s film Palo Alto, based on the writings of James Franco, loosely based on the experiences of James Franco, starring James Franco
  • James Franco’s friends talking about James Franco

I don’t know about you, but I’m very excited to get an inside look at the life and mind of the typically-reserved actor. It will be fascinating to finally shine a light on an artist who is so frequently hidden in the shadows, unwilling to discuss his work or his personal life. Thank goodness James Franco will finally be exposed!

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