Bachelorette Alum And Premium Dirtbag Chris Bukowski Crashes Andi’s First Rose Ceremony


Did you watch the premiere of The Bachelorette? You know you did, no need to be embarrassed. Personally, I was pretty excited for Andi Dorfman’s season to begin. She’s definitely the most likable (not to mention the most intelligent) Bachelorette we’ve had in years. I think the only other Bachelorette I’ve even liked was Ali Fedotowsky – also a smart, career-driven woman. Then again, Andi did have some choice opinions last night, namely her whole “sometimes you have to leave a good job and leave your family to find love” thing because, um. No. You don’t actually. But whatever. I still like Andi (for now at least) and it seems like I am not the only one – there was a gate crasher last night and it was probably one of the most pathetic, stalker-y moment in Bachelorette history.

Longtime fans of the Bachelor franchise – admittedly, myself included – instantly recognized Chris Bukowski. We first met Bukowski on Emily Maynard’s season and though he wasn’t all bad, he definitely showed signs of douchebaggery, even then. He made it nearly to the end with Emily, but she broke his heart right before the finale.  I guess this heartbreak really tipped the douchebag scales, because jeez, Chris turned into a jerk after that. After being eliminated on Emily’s season, he made a name for himself on Bachelor Pad by lying to everyone, double-crossing his partner and hooking up with three different girls to advance his position in the game.  He made a lot of people cry. Generally, he was the worst. I remember during the Bachelor Pad reunion/finale, he admitted that his father was ashamed of his behavior. That’s pretty bad – but it didn’t stop him from trying to win one more time.

Bukowski showed up – uninvited – at the Bachelor mansion with a bouquet of roses and a plan to win Andi’s heart. The problem? She wasn’t interested in any surprise guests. Chris Harrison gave her the option to let him join the show, but she turned Bukowski away, saying she didn’t feel that it would be fair to her real suitors. Plus, wow, creepy. The best part? When Chris Harrison broke the news to Bukowski, he had to ask – how did he even know they were filming that night? Bukowski admitted that he didn’t – he’d been camped out there for a week, waiting for them to shoot the premiere. Oof. That’s some sad business right there.

Bukowski went on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show this morning to explain his actions, “She seemed like a girl I could hit it off with…I almost got on as a contestant, but it was too late, so I flew to L.A. and at that point there was no turning back.” Yeah, almost. Totally.  He also had this to say:

But hey, at least the security guard got a nice bouquet of roses to take home to his wife!


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