The Walking Dead Gets An 80s Style Theme Song And We’re All Better For It


Are you in withdrawal for The Walking Dead? Well, I don’t have any exciting clips from the upcoming season (sorry) but I do have this awesome video from The Wil Wheaton Project, which gives the zombie apocalypse show a new theme song, straight from the 1980s. Remember when every television theme song used to give viewers a summary of the entire premise of the show? There were no short, catchy intros – only cheesy guys singing cheesy lyrics. If you don’t remember, congratulations: you are young. For the rest of us, this is a nice little flashback.

Watch the clip below, which also offers some bonus Wil Wheaton and Chris Hardwick (host of Talking Dead) being adorable at the beginning. Oh, and major spoilers for the entire series are included, in case you still don’t know that um, people die a lot on this show. Enjoy!

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