Pretty Little Liars “EscApe From New York” Post-mortem

Source: ABC Family
Source: ABC Family

Whoa! That Pretty Little Liars premiere sure delivered, didn’t it? I expected to enjoy it (because duh, I always enjoy it) but I honestly didn’t expect it to cover so much ground – or to answer so many of my questions. I went into last night’s PLL premiere with 10 burning questions and I’m excited to say, many of them were tackled. Let’s go over what we learned – and what we’re still dying to know. Spoilers to follow, obviously.

1. The last scene of the PLL season finale was Alison’s mother, Mrs. DiLaurentis, being buried in the ground. She is presumably dead. Who killed her? What will Alison do when she returns to find her mother gone – will they find the body? And most importantly – is whoever killed Mrs. D. after Alison as well?

This is still a mystery! I think this question is much too big for a season opener – this will probably be one of the bigger stories of the season. But we do know a few things: no one knows Mrs. DiLaurentis is dead yet and Jason is still unaccounted for.

2. Pretty Little Liars creator Marlene King has stated that Jason DiLaurentis will be back for at least part of the season. How will he react to the double blow of losing his mother, but getting his sister back – or did he have something to do with one (or both) of these events?

Again, unanswered, but see above!

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3. Alison was Emily’s first love – and it seems like Alison cares more for Emily than any of the other girls. Will their closeness turn into a long-building romance – and what does that mean for Paige?

Things are not looking good for Emily and Paige. I’ll get to more of why in #4 below, but let’s talk about Alison for a moment. She clearly trusts Emily above all the other liars – she’s the only one she trusted with CeCe’s secret – and Emily defends Alison above anyone else. I don’t know if that means that there might be a more-than-friendship on the horizon or not, but I think Ali will probably replace Paige one way or another. If she hasn’t already.

4. What will Mona do now that her original obsession is back in town? Will she go all “A” all over again?

YES. Well, not exactly – but things are not okay in Monaland. Upon hearing the news that Alison is back, Mona puts out an APB to all the Ali-haters in Rosewood – including some very familiar faces like Paige, Lucas and Melissa Hastings! Looks like Mona is building an anti-Alison team. What are they planning? Not sure…but it cannot be good. Mona looked especially, deliciously evil in her all-black leather get-up and straightened hair, by the way. Kudos to the wardrobe department.

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5. Marlene King has also dropped the news that Lucas will return in season 5. LUCAS! What role will he play in the show, and will it be good or evil?

EVIL. Lucas, as I mentioned above, is now a member of the Anti-Ali League of Outcasts (official trademark pending). Lucas, along with Mona, Paige, Melissa Hastings and many others, is not about to let Alison back into town and ruin his life all over again. He seemed a bit reluctant at first, but we all know that Lucas can be easily convinced to do bad things…

6. Previews have shown us that Ezra survives his gunshot wound…but will he and Aria survive everything they’ve been through? Ezaria fans, I’m sure, are dying to know. No pun intended.

I am pretty sure, based on last night, that Ezaria is going to pull through – especially now that Ezra’s shooter was revealed and taken care of – by Aria herself!

7. Speaking of dying – I am most curious about who’s actually buried in Alison’s tomb. Those finger bones strapped to Spencer’s dress last season really creeped me out – do they belong to this mystery girl, and how did she die in the first place?

Still no solid answers on this, but now that Alison is officially alive, Detective Holbrook is definitely on the case. It seems like Melissa Hastings might have some knowledge about this – but that’s just speculation on my part.

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8. Melissa Hastings whispered something to her father in the season finale – something that might be about the girl buried in Ali’s tomb. Will we find out their secret?

Whatever it is, we came close to hearing it last night – Melissa is close to cracking, but Mr. Hastings put a stop to it before she could confess. Whatever it is, Melissa believes that it will give Spencer a reason to come home. But for now, it looks like she’s staying quiet on her father’s orders. “Your mother can never know,” he told her because he is the creepiest dad ever seriously oh my God.

9. Where is CeCe going to end up – and what does she know?

CeCe supposedly knows who is buried in Alison’s tomb, but it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting answers from her any time soon – because CeCe has skipped town! During the chaos at the police station (and are they the worst police station ever or what?!) she escaped and tracked down Alison for help. It turns out that CeCe was never Red Coat – in fact, she’s been helping Ali this entire time, and helping the other girls as well. Also, she definitely killed Wilden, which means she needs to run and fast. After sneaking out of the police station, CeCe calls in a much-deserved favor from Alison, who gives up her “Vivian Darkbloom” identity. Then CeCe-as-Vivian books it right out of Rosewood, presumably for good. Au revoir, CeCe!

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10. With Alison’s return from the dead, the dynamic between the girls is going to change. Alison was their friend, but she was definitely in the “frenemy” category as well. Will they be able to take her back into their group after everything they’ve been through – and has Ali really changed for the better? I don’t know if I could trust her again after all the lying and scheming she’s done. But do they have a choice?

I imagine that this will be an issue the liars struggle with all season – it definitely came up last night. Emily seems to have faith in Ali, but Spencer and Hanna have doubts. They don’t fully trust her, which was demonstrated more than once. Of course, Emily doesn’t fully trust her either – but she got more answers than everyone else did. Maybe Spencer and Hanna just need to confront her in the same way? It seems like Ali is being shady to protect them, but I’m skeptical myself.

Those were my 10 questions…BUT WAIT. We need to talk about the biggest reveal of the night, which I didn’t even see coming: Shana was A! Okay, she’s probably not the only A and it’s definitely not over for anyone, but SHANA SHOT EZRA and then she tried to kill just about everyone else, too! Why? All for Jenna, who she’s fallen in love with. It seems like Shana started out on Alison’s side, but somewhere along the line she fell for Jenna and turned into A – and she wants them all to pay for the “prank” that blinded her. Too bad Aria slammed Shana in the gut with a huge rifle and killed her. OH WELL. BYE, SHANA.

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Of all the people to suspect, I did not once think of Shana. Well played, Marlene King!

What did you all think of the PLL premiere? What was your favorite part?

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