Fox Cancels Royal Failure I Wanna Marry ‘Harry’

Source: Fox
Source: Fox

It looks like Matthew Hicks, Prince Harry lookalike and “Sir” on hoax reality show I Wanna Marry “Harry” shouldn’t quit his day job. Fox has cancelled the series – where a bunch of silly American girls compete for the love of a regular dude who they think is Prince Harry – after only four episodes. The show will be replaced by reruns of more successful Fox shows, like Brooklyn Nine NineNew GirlFamily Guy and The Mindy Project. It’s Tuesday night neighbor Riot was also cancelled, but honestly, who cares?

You might, like me, say, “But I need to see this garbage through! Dammit, I have given four hours of my life to this show!” Well, fear not, my friends. Starting tomorrow, the remaining “Harry” episodes will be available on and Hulu. That means you can binge-watch this disaster through to the bitter, bitter end.

In closing, I give you a visual recap of the series:

Source: Ryan Seacrest Official Tumblr

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