More DC Superheroes Join The CW’s Arrow

brandon-routh-devon-aoki-cw-arrowThe CW’s Arrow isn’t wasting any time expanding its cast! It looks like another DC Comic superhero is set to join Oliver, Felicity and the gang in season three. Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) has been tapped to play Ray Palmer, AKA The Atom. According to Entertainment Weekly, Palmer is the new owner of Queen Consolidated and he has “mysterious plans for Queen Consolidated’s Applied Sciences Division.” He’s also rumored to be a potential love interest for Oliver’s wife good friend and partner, Felicity Smoak. Hmmm… The Atom, in terms of super-heroism, has the power to change in size, all the way down subatomic levels.

The Atom is the second new hero to join the ranks of Arrow’s third season. It was announced last week that Sin City‘s Devon Aoki will play Tatsu Yamashiro, wife of Oliver’s handler in Hong Kong, Maseo Yamashiro. These characters were originally called “Toshi” and “Akiko” in casting calls. While Maseo (who will be portrayed by actor Karl Yune) serves as a mentor to Oliver, Tatsu is a martial arts expert with a knack for the sword – the blade from which she gets her codename ‘Katana’. Of course, in comic book canon – spoiler alert – Katana doesn’t become Katana until after her husband dies and his soul inhabits her sword, so we’ll have to wait and see how the show handles that one. Both Yune and Akoi will have major recurring roles in the Hong Kong flashbacks, and Katana will specifically play an important part in helping Oliver become The Arrow.

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