Pretty Little Liars: Guess Who’s Back A-gain

Source: ABC Family
Source: ABC Family

This season of Pretty Little Liars is moving at a rapid pace. In the few short weeks that Alison’s been back in Rosewood, a lot has happened – namely, the police found Jessica DiLaurentis’s dead body, Toby’s house went kaboom and A is back, now with more death threats than ever! It’s a tough time for Ali and the rest of the Liars, especially since A is more dangerous than ever before. The good news is, they have some good detectives on their side. No, not the Rosewood PD (who Caleb aptly notes should be driving around town in clown cars) but Toby, Caleb and Ezra are pulling out all stops to help uncover A’s crimes. Ezra even has an insider at Radley – which will definitely come in handy, since there’s a pretty solid link between Mrs. D. and the escaped Radley patient Bethany Young.  What were some of this week’s biggest developments?

When A Attacks

A has never been what I would call, um, sane – but damn, this b*tch is on a rampage. First, Ali gets a text and it’s like, “Haha, I killed your mom, here’s a pic!” which is naturally pretty traumatic. The Liars take this as pretty solid evidence that A killed Jessica DiLaurentis. It’s also pretty solid evidence that Shana was crazy, but she wasn’t really A. Ali wants to get out of town as fast as she can, but Spencer, Emily and Aria want her to stay. In Rosewood, they can keep her safe. Initially, Hanna feels the same way, but she also kind of wants to get rid of Ali just as much as Mona. In the end, Ali’s on her way out of town, but A stops her – by nearly strangling her to death with a scarf! Holy sh*t! Luckily, Emily shows up in time to save Ali’s life – or does she? In the end, Alison gets another text from A: “If you leave town, I will kill you.” Looks like A wants to keep her enemies close…and alive, for now.

Source: ABC Family
Source: ABC Family

Tanner on the Hunt

Shana may not have been A, but she’s still dead. Unfortunately for Aria, not everyone in the Rosewood PD is a complete idiot – Detective Tanner thinks it’s kind of strange how Shana disappeared and ended up dead in Ezra’s family’s theater. Even stranger, Ezra was shot just the night before – and Shana’s sweater had gun powder residue on it! Wait, the Rosewood PD has access to forensic testing? I don’t believe it. Ezra gives Tanner his best doe-eyed blank stare, but it doesn’t look like she’s buying his story. Even more telling is, Ali doesn’t seem to have a solid alibi for the night Shana was killed. “I was with the girls in Philadelphia!” she says, and Tanner is like, “Yes, but where in Philadelphia?” Considering what a good liar Ali can be, you’d think she could’ve come up with more than a city name, right?

The Hastingsy Exit

Spencer tried really hard to get her parents back together this week, but when Veronica Hastings is done, she’s done. The good news is, Spencer’s dad probably didn’t kill Jessica. He and Melissa “went into the woods to talk,” which is hella sketchy, but I don’t think he murdered Ali’s mom. Then again, maybe he’s protecting Melissa? Not sure. But regardless, he and Veronica are never, ever, ever getting back together. This isn’t just over one lie, Spencer’s mom says gravely. This is a lifetime of lies. Good for her!

Source: ABC Family
Source: ABC Family

Radley Art Class

Finally, the biggest development this week came in an envelope left at Ezra’s door. After checking his super stalker security camera, Ezra discovered that the tip was left by Radley staff member Eddie Lamb. Despite being told to stay silent about the entire Bethany Young situation, Eddie slipped Ezra a drawing, penciled by the deceased Bethany herself. And boy, it’s a doozy. The drawing shows Jessica DiLaurentis in front of her home, tending to her rose garden. Out of the ground comes a terrifying demon, complete with a huge sword, aimed right at her. YIKES. What does it mean? How did Bethany know Jessica – and are their murders connected?

Source: ABC Family
Source: ABC Family

Which leads me to…

That Theory

This isn’t technically a show spoiler, but it does contain show speculation based on a book spoiler, so consider yourself warned. 

Fans have speculated for a long time that Alison was murdered by her twin sister – and that this new Ali is actually not Ali at all, but her murderous twin. In the books, Ali’s secret twin sister was locked up in Radley, so it seems even more likely than ever that this is Bethany Young. It would explain a lot – why didn’t they show a photo on the news when she was identified? Why does A have such a deep hatred for Ali – something that seems to go way beyond just hating a school bully? I mean, she murdered her mom. Plus, Marlene King has said that we might feel sorry for A when we learn A’s motives – being the committed, forgotten twin might be a reason to feel sorry for her. Just a speculation – I have no actual spoilers on this – but it seems more and more likely that this twin theory is true. What do you think?

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